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Shanni 07-16-2013 09:17 PM

[Notice] Patch Notes 7/17 And WoE Time Change Patch Notes 7/17 And WoE Time Change - 7/16/2013

Please know that this is not the complete list, and more should be coming.

Also know that these notes can change at any time.

WoE Times will be changed to 12pm PDT and 7pm PDT.

PATCH NOTES for 7/17

A.Guild EXP Surge event end
2.Culvert of Abyss
A.Rockstar Heroes (1st Boss)
i.Some skills has been removed from Guitarist/Vocalist/Pianist. It will become easier to get pass these bosses.
B.Golden Robberbug
i.Golden Robberbug will attack when its eggs get attaked.
C.Mini & Mongi
i.Mini & Mongi will attack when the minion speakers get attacked.
D.Rat Master Kremp
i.Invincible period for Kremp has been reduced from 4 minutes to 2 minutes.
ii.After starting combat with Kremp, the monster who summons other monsters has been changed from Leo to Kremp.
iii.Turtle assassin will be summoned 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 7 minutes after the combat starts.
iv.Heal skill used by Kremp has been removed.
A.Mugwort Garlic Concentrate effect has been corrected from HP recovery to HP reduce.
B.Rune Enhancement Elixir acquired from Pandora box has been fixed so that it can be used.
C.Getting head accessory from fusing 2 facial accessories has been fixed
A.Mercenary Kafra cannot be located within certain distance from the gate.
B.Siege weapons in WoE maps will be initialized(removed) before starting every WoE.
A.Character window cards being shown as removable during the trade has been fixed.
A.Save point Kafra NPC has been added to Western Mjolnir mountains
A.Mount reward item has been added to quest Statue of Ignatz
B.VIP ticket reward item has been added to quest Furious Dean
C.Stats for named monsters has been slightly decreased.
8.System Setting
A.Limit for distance for other characters visibility has been added.
-Function to limit the number of characters shown in the screen according to PC specification.
9.Game Setting
A.Function to add Knight rank to the character’s name has been added.

Source: Patch Notes 7/17 And WoE Time Change - RO 2 Community Chat - WarpPortal Community Forums

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