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Shanni 06-18-2013 05:54 PM

[Event] Let's Dance! Let's Dance - 6/18/2013

Who out there has the talent to bust a move, cut the rug, and boogie?
We have a new event that we are announcing that will allow one, lucky player to be immortalized in the game in the form of a unique dance animation and in-game NPC.

The rules are simple. We want you to record yourself dancing in a unique manner not in Ragnarok 2 already, and then post that video onto Facebook. We are looking for both male and female participants so we can add one new dance and NPC of each gender.
We will choose the best videos that are posted, and put it up to a community vote through Facebook. The two winners will have their dance made into a Kafra Shop item that players can purchase and use to update their dance, and the winners will also be made into dancing NPCs, part of the Graham Circus in Prontera.

Submit your videos between 6/19-7/3. We look forward to see what kind of dance moves you all have!
*Make sure to introduce yourself in the beginning of the video so we know who to contact.
Make sure to post them to our Facebook wall here:

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Joey 06-18-2013 07:23 PM

mfw someone sends in a twerking video

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