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04-08-2010   #1 (permalink)
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Default World's End Guild Score Exchange

Alright, Basically going on with the List Here
Will be updated frequently
Just to make it easier on me, please post what you want

Currently putting on hold until I get a GM response >_>

Compound items (Level Number x3 = Price)

AP 50 x12
AP 65 x11
AP 80 x8
AP 95 x25
AP 110 x4
AP 125 x9
AP 140 x5
AP 155 x3
AP 215 x2
AP 275 x3

AC 50 x10
AC 65 x13
AC 80 x4
AC 95 x10
AC 110 x12
AC 155 x5
AC 215 x1
AC 245 x1
AC 275 x3

DX 110 x1

MP 80 x1

MA 80 x1
MA 95 x15
MA 110 x1
MA 215 x1

MD 65 x1

DA 140 x2
DA 155 x1
DA 170 x1
DA 215 x1

WT 50 x1
WT 125 x1

LK 65 x1
LK 95 x21
LK 125 x10
LK 140 x2
LK 155 x1
LK 170 x1
LK 185 x1
LK 215 x1
LK 275 x2

HP 65 x2
HP 95 x13
HP 110 x8
HP 125 x7
HP 140 x5
HP 215 x3

DP 50 x1

HV 65 x1
HV 80 x2
HV 95 x5
HV 110 x8
HV 125 x11
HV 140 x4
HV 155 x3
HV 170 x3
HV 215 x1
HV 245 x1

Chaos Feathers (Level x 5 = Price)

Chaos's Feather 35 x3
Chaos's Feather 50 x2
Chaos's Feather 65 x15
Chaos's Feather 80 x21
Chaos's Feather 110 x272
Chaos's Feather 125 x10
Chaos's Feather 170 x62
Chaos's Feather 215 x15


Level 1 - 50

Pharaoh Hat - 10000

I'll finish the rest later

Last edited by Nanayat; 04-10-2010 at 07:42 AM.
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04-10-2010   #2 (permalink)
oh wow
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i want it all


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