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DemiGodDanzig 07-03-2008 04:38 PM

this place sucks
lol,it sucks.
someone tell me what i missed out on while i was away.
and no random = :puppy:

Kudaranai 07-03-2008 04:39 PM

did you look down???

Vaizado 07-03-2008 04:39 PM

there is random you noob

SpinSpinBunny 07-03-2008 04:43 PM

lawl Demi your gonna have to live wit it D8<

DemiGodDanzig 07-03-2008 04:45 PM

im using a shitty laptop in korea,leave me alone ;o;

SpinSpinBunny 07-03-2008 04:46 PM


DemiGodDanzig 07-03-2008 04:48 PM

meh,ill post pics and shit about my trip when i get home.
its gonna take me awhile to get home though /=
also,my time limit to use this laptop is running out ;o;

TheCosmicLion 07-03-2008 05:27 PM

demiiiiiiiii u are in koreeaaaa <33
omgomgomgg so cool ;o
aw ur renting a laptop!!!! XD

DemiGodDanzig 07-03-2008 05:46 PM

more like stuck in korea ._.
and yah,i got so bored and loneleh i rented one lol.
and it sucks /=

Kadmilos 07-03-2008 11:35 PM

Whaaa? Why are you stuck in Korea?? o.o

CountBlood 07-04-2008 12:01 AM

He doesnt have the money to get out orz?

And demi did you get me some CD's?

Kat 07-04-2008 12:34 AM


Originally Posted by DemiGodDanzig (Post 35742)
more like stuck in korea ._.
and yah,i got so bored and loneleh i rented one lol.
and it sucks /=

/hands a pink crayon
Go magically get a better laptop =|
Random misses you????
A lot??????

Kadmilos 07-05-2008 10:35 PM

Demi fails??? o.o

DemiGodDanzig 07-05-2008 10:52 PM

i like this place
i dont like Kad

CountBlood 07-05-2008 10:53 PM

I Love Kad Whats Wrong With You

DemiGodDanzig 07-05-2008 10:57 PM

i cant love
im a robot

Kadmilos 07-06-2008 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by CountBlood (Post 38629)
I Love Kad Whats Wrong With You


I is loved.


Demi... do you have potatoes?:eek:

DemiGodDanzig 07-06-2008 07:41 PM

i have kiwis!
they're better

Kadmilos 07-06-2008 07:43 PM

o.o I is a kiwi.


Kat 07-06-2008 07:46 PM

Who could love Kad?

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