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10-29-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Set sail for FAIL.

So we split into groups to make pieces of a mini-house for my construction class. Groups are in 3, except 1 which is 4, since their part is bigger.

I get....person A, and person B.

Person A just does whatever the hell me and person B says. He's basically a robot. Now, this probably wouldn't be a problem...if other unfortunate factors weren't present. First day of the construction, and I can immediately tell, we have no clear cut leader. Person A is as I described above. Person B seems a bit lost. And me, I'm no leader, I'd be the guy you choose if you were scrapping for a half decent one.

What ends up happening is person B and me screwing the project up, both of us think in the opposite direction. Person B knows what has to be done, but has absolutely no friggen idea how to do it. His lack of general knowledge doesn't help either. He doesn't know terminology for things, and doesn't know procedures to do things right either.

I'm sure he doesn't know how to do stuff. At all. Whenever we actually start to construct something, cut something, nail it, he's NEVER the one executing it. He's always holding it or something, while usually me or person A is actually doing the action. This got me suspicious, but it was confirmed when:

1. While trying to remove a nail with a hammer, he was pulling the nail out left and right, while you're supposed to pull it out straight. (Why in gods name would you try pulling it out any other way than straight? You pull it out of the hole...)

2. Did not know that you could cut the wood on a certain machinery, even if the wood was too long for a support.

Has he not been paying attention to the demos the teacher has showed us? Coupled by this, he's acting like a supervising engineer, who has no friggen idea what he's doing. Basically no idea how to read blueprints, and can't plan properly. We had to have a window on the wall we were making, and although we had the dimensions for the window, we still needed to find out where it was gonna be on the wall. Trying to explain to him that we need to measure and mark where the window was gonna be, so we know where it's going to be on the wall failed.

The window was to be on the center of the wall, as noted in the blueprints, and he insisted we knew where it was gonna be, "at the center of the wall". Where's the center of the wall? Wheres the center of the window so we can put it at the center of the wall? Regardless, you don't place things like that, you make an outline of the sides and then place it.

Now, throughout the whole project, Person B constatly asks many "...What?" questions. "How long are these? What are these for? What are these lines for? How do we put these together?" Dear god, why are you expecting me to do the work and give you the result, why don't you know how to do something obvious, why do you not know what something you did is for?

And finally, something that really pissed me off... While trying to figure out a measurement, he asks me: "How long is this?" "I don't know, that's what we need to figure out." "I don't know how long it is, you tell me!"

What the ****? Why the **** am I doing the actual construction work, measuring, and doing some thinking to not fail at this, while you "help" and give fail planning procedures? Find out yourself, you shitty, shitty supervisor. All the while, Person A just stays in the corner, waiting for us to tell him to do something.

We are clearly, CLEARLY, FFFF'D. We're noticably behind all the other groups, even the group that's down 1 person, because he sprained his hand.

God damn clueless shitty pseudo supervisor, god damn unthinking robot. WE'RE SCREWED.
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