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10-23-2009   #41 (permalink)
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Why are you instigating now? I can say LOLYOUSTUPID because you didn't back up your theories at all with concrete proof and your LOLASSUMPTIONS are retarded and you're paranoid. Please you just ruined your own thread because you couldn't handle it.
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10-23-2009   #42 (permalink)
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Sure let's just go with this! I am an idiot who screwed up by posting this thricely damned thread in the first place! All of us are happy now, correct!? Thank you all for your positive contributions. We've all had fun insulting me, right? Ok, if the thrill hasn't worn off yet I can continue and give you more bull to insult me with. Why don't we just resort to full out insults. How about "conservative crackpot" or maybe just "idiotic Obama-hating fool". Really no need to restrain yourself. Many obviously dislike me so don't hold back.

So, in conlcusion: I screwed myself over by posting this thread in the first place, I didn't really think this entire thing through, I am an idiotic Republican, I made a load of errors, everyone who has read this thread has seen my great stupidity, and a load of other shit. If you feel like listing it all go ahead. No, this is a serious suggestion. Since this load of bull angered everyone so much why don't you relieve your hatred with a nice list of my screw ups. You could spend quite a while on it. So feel free.

Well I'm done with this. Continue bashing me because, quite honestly, I realize I have screwed up royally and pretty much deserve every word. I'm done with this because I have gotten in over my head with my own screw ups.

(Rather repetitive and if you want to bash me for that go ahead)
10-24-2009   #43 (permalink)
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Oh lawd.


As much as I'm not a fan of Obama, I can't see any hardcore evidence in the media that would make me equate him with communism in my mind. That's like saying Obama is the new Mao. I also wasn't sure I understood your first post, and exactly what facts you used to back up the assertion that Obama is leading America into communism, so I don't really have much to add besides that I disagree with your initial opinion.
10-24-2009   #44 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Dracklore
The very word brings negative images of execution of innocents, darkness, loss of rights, and dictatorial rule.
To people who have no ****ing clue what communism actually is, and only know of the twisted versions of the idea used by some dictatorships.

What Karl Marx actually wrote, is on paper at least, GOOD. But he said himself it'll never work due to human greed.

3. Obama's entire campaign was pretty much won over pocket book promises. Like Hitler
Shut up.


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