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06-10-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default QQ at Mid-term exams.

Is it not ironic that, you study your ass off for a subject, to find that it was all for nothing?

On the other hand, there's subjects which you think your going to fail, just to find out it was easier than turning over the exam paper?

I've experienced this since yesterdays Physics exam. I though i was going to epically fail it(I only did 7 practise exams). Instead, i found it to be a piece of cake and finished the thing with more than 30 mins to spare (Total time allowed: 1hr 30)

Now for todays exam, Chemistry.
The subject i studied my entire life off. I pretty much studied 4hrs a night for this, plus 16 trial exams in total, not including 3 Actual past exams(Every 2-3 years the course changes). You would think i'd be able to do well right?

Wrong, this years Chemistry exam was a pain in the ass. Bigger than having haemorrhoids , which hurt bad enough already. There was 20 Multi Choice questions.....and 10 Short answer questions. Last years 2008 exam, there were only 8....

Now, I'd pre-emphasized myself on increasing my speed on the Chemistry trial exams, to finish with roughly 10-20 mins to spare. This one, NONE. I didn't even finish it.....IT WAS SO DAMN HARD. The fact that the smartest in our chemistry class, JUST finished it, says it all. And he gets nothing lower than 95% in tests....
You would have needed at least 2 hrs to finish the paper, yet they expected us to finish it in 1hr 30mins.....Virtually impossible.

Also, the fact that half the paper was algebraic expressions really threw me off. I know the theory behind the instrumental techniques being tested.....but if they dont state what the compounds are (organic/metals), then how2do? orz.

Either way, I just gotta hope the rest of the state did bad in the exam too.....that way i can get a derived score which will save me from not getting at least a 40/50 study score for Chemistry.
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06-10-2009   #2 (permalink)
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Hmm if it's as bad as you said (The fact that the smartest in our chemistry class, JUST finished it, says it all. And he gets nothing lower than 95% in tests....) and i think you should be fine, since probably half of the whole population of the students taking that exam is gonna fail/do badly lol. Don't worry about it, and just concentrate on the rest of your exams (if you still have them)

Good luck~

MyBrute-Fight me


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