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05-29-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Soon To Be In-Laws

So...Yuh..Rant about My SOON to be In-Laws cus I really cant Rant to Brian bout it, it annoys him LOL.
Well Last Wednesday we got into it Brian ended up going to the Hospital with his Sister-In Law Brother cus that dumb boy got his ass whooped FOR Running his mouth and talking shit.He was gone ALL Night and I was left Home with His Mom..Oh..Joy...When he got home the next day His mom started *****ing...Which put a dent into Him and I talking because They had Graduation tog o to and Brian didnt even think ot ask me to go. So After he popped off to me and slammed the door and I was Left alone I came back to MY Place. And I guess thats when it all started.

His "Darling"Mother Doesn't like me because she says..I'm Bossy...To Controlling..*****y and Mean to him. Now Lets get this straight. Him and I are BOTH 20 years old. He's in the Military..I lived at home with MY mother He lives at home with HIS, We WANT to get our own place..Now here's where I get called these things. Brian likes to sleep..Who Doesn't Right?? He also likes to stay up all night and play games or watch Stargate or Battlestar..If we've made plans like Going to So and So to check this house out or Look at jobs in town, gets aps in, etc. I will WAKE HIM UP. And Yes I will Fight with him untill he finally gives up and gets up ( Its like fighting with a child to get them up for school). Now if we're sitting int he living room and I remember something I'll go " Baby tomorrow we need to get up and get this done the sooner the better" Or " Will you go do what I told you to do 3 hours ago, I'm not put on this earth to wait on you and pick up after you." The last one Is normally to Put up the laundry where it belongs or Change the Litter box for his cat.

Now How am I MEAN? This is what I find REALLY Funny. I Diss on Brian, I make fun of him. For instance, Brian head is like 26-27 AND A HALF Inches AROUND! No Lie! He'll pop off something Like " Well if My ass was as wide as your's I'd probably have bad Aim too"( Sex joke) And I'll Pop off like " Hun Your head is your own human flotation device so stop talking you're letting all the hot air out =(" This is how we FLIRT. His Mother over heard us one day talking like this and told me I shouldnt talk to Brian in that way, I cocked my head at her and asked why. She said it was mean and a good girlfriend dont make fun of her boyfriend.That She don't like it when her husband calls her fat or her husband don't like it when she calls him stupid. I Corrected her. " I don't use Stupid,Fat,Retarted or anything in a one word insult TO your son, I I crack a joke and it hits to low he tells me LOW BLOW and I'll never do it again. We;re joking and playing we laugh."
And when I said something to Brian I didnt mean and he left my house His Mom asked what was going on he told her and she said "You should find a good girl who won't bos you around and wont make fun of you."

Uhmm Sorry but if you'd open your gd eyes and see how happy I MAKE your son rather than the other girls that you TOLD me about. You complained about Brian when I moved in saying " He's 20 years old need to learn to wash his own laundry and he need to move out" SO When I efn took over washing his stuff cleaned his room and STARTED MAKING DINNER Cus you're so efn stupid that you spend your husbands pay check on junk food and bring home fast food thats why your SON dont eat and when you cook its like you eat and 10 mins later you're hungry but you're not cus you're to busy stuffing your face with candy bars and shit. And After I take over HALF the GD household chores THEN you start gertting jelouse of me...You start cooking for you son and while doing so you COMPLAIN TO ME! You Start doing his Laundry and You COMPLAIN! Even cleaned his Room! Why so you could plunder through my stuff? See what I write in MY spare time See my photos of my ex's and my family? And you're giving your son advice about what a girl SHOULD do?

Lol Your Husband Lives in a ****ing shed..He cant stand to be around you more than 10 mins because you ask the same questions over you annoy him and you've always got your gd hand out. How do I know this? Cus He told me cus I didn't understand what Brian was saying to me. And When you don't get YOUR way you sit there and insult him. Yeah so I can u7nderstand NOW why he lives in the shed I mean heck living with you for a week I was about ready to pull my hair out.

And as far as Brian's Sister In-Law not liking me. I dunno wtf I did to you but I got a good idea its cus your stupid brother went and twisted my gd words to Molli saying I said this and I said that when I aint said shit at all really and you can ask Brian but yeah Eric and them were right ya'll are just bunch of drama..And I honestly don't give a **** what you think Cus I'm there to please Brian and Love him I'm marring him Not YOU guys. And if you wanna base your opinion about me cus of what people say and the fact I have a firm head on my shoulders and I KNOW what needs to be done and I don't ****ing procrastinate then so be it. But I find it Hella funny.

/End rant
Yes I used to be Lyn, But Now Im Ashie CUS Thats my Name D<

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I like scenery *.*
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In-Laws are dbags. It's a proven sad fact of life. Good luck though and Gratz
06-01-2009   #3 (permalink)
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Hate to say it this way, but if you're getting married to him and you both don't have plans of moving out of that town, then you are, essentially, marrying his family too. Getting married and staying in the same town as the in-laws means that you'll end up hanging out with them at least once or twice a week. Better figure shit out with them now so you won't have these problems later.
06-01-2009   #4 (permalink)
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Definition of in-laws = see; leech; shooting range practice targets.
Definition of leech = see; in-laws; shooting range practice targets.


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