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I'll be here, don't worry
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Default I don't want to!

Oh golly, you have to read a whole story.

Last autumn(2007) I started to go to a Asperger class because of all the bulling I've received in a span of almost 10 years. (Why thank you for acting now and not when I was 6 years old. THANK YOU. Also, Why do I have to move?!) It was kinda nice, they acted a little bit weirder then I'm used to people to act like, but they were nice. My grades had dropped pretty badly that autumn(I think I had about 5 IGs(IG is the lowest grade you can get) out of maybe 7-8 different subjects.), partly because of my grandmas death and partly because of all the bulling. I had pretty much given up. But then as I said they moved me to go to the Asperger class from time to time to study there. Eventually I was there all the time.

After going there for almost a half year they started a inquiry to see if I had Aspergers or not. I got the results last Autumn(2008) and apparently I had it. I wasn't happy about it at all of cource. (Apparently it's much more common(about 80%) that boys have apsergers then girls. So this is a typical "WHY ME?!" moment.) Heck, I even cried. So now I was officialy a member of the Asperger group. (A group of about seven people including me, plus three teachers.)

So here I am, on my last year of being there, hoping I will get a good new school to be in and meet new people. Ever since my one and a half year older brother started in a upper secondary school I've always wondered how it would be to be there. My brother always told me so many funny stories for there. So yeah, this year it's my turn to choose a school to go to. That dream got kinda crushed, I'm going to ANOTHER asperger school. Oh golly. I don't have anything against people with Aspergers(After all, I have it too.), but they can really get on my nervs sometimes. They are sometimes like 4-5 year old kids. (They once even said that I was like a mum.) But I like them so I forgive them rather fast. But now I'm going to another Asperger class, WHY can't I got to a normal school?!(No offence.) It's fun to come to new places, to experience new things and meet new people. I've visited that new place I'm going to. It almost look exactly the same, you're gonna do the same thing every morning and play the same card games as always. (My classmates have a thing for a special card name. I don't know the english name. "Všnd tia" in swedish.("Turn ten")) Pretty much nothing have changed. The only thing that is different is that I have to ride the bus every morning to get to that school. Okey, It seems like a nice place but I want to be able to choose my own new school. Mum, Can I please for once choose what I want insted of you choosing it for me? Okey, I've never been good at letting people know what I really want. But for once, I want to have my voice heard. Not someones else voice with my words.

This may seem like a silly little rant, but for once, I'm really sh*tting annoyed.

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