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02-11-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default wrong fwxing course

so i finished my college and got the work i needed. now it just seems to be unsatisfying. i feel like im wasting my time. i cant pick the course i want the most which is either game design or an artist. i end up finishing culinary arts which is the cheapest. i never had any kitchen experience but i seem to be the fastest, strongest and a tool box? i dont know how to deal with people in the kitchen and you know kitchenmen! yes, it's a fact that they are all abusive. they will keep taking their chances when they see it. everyone will talk to you at the same time and yell at you if you miss anything. just because im incharge of my station doesnt mean i have to deal with everyone at the same time. now that im just too stressed at work and feel like wanting more raise, i just wanna save some money and leave the damn restaurant. it may be a $10m worth restaurant and know as the busiest restaurant in north america, i feel like wanting to quit or getting a new course. despite that i want to take art courses, they are too damn expensive where i already know how to draw and measure. the only point of taking an art course is to find a job where you can apply or just get a background.


im confused. im 21 and i should be in the right course. im already about to take my apprenticeship but screw it all. why am i working in the kitchen when im built for pen and paper? WHY ARE PARENTS TO HARD TO DEAL WITH? i dont wanna impress my parents anymore. i just wanna find an art job and stick to it. the down side is that, it's either i win or lose. in art, you spend a lot of money or less but it's not that easy to gain money from it. i still wish i could find a better job.

so im stuck in a job which i hate, couldn't afford the course i wanted, i cant find a descent art job, parents wanting me to be a great chef one day and the worst part is, it's too stressful doing things you dont want to do just because you care too much for other ppl.

now i bet you dont wanna read more about my government rant.

well this is my rant about the govern...............[QUIT IT, TOO LONG ALREADY]
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That's the quandary. When your primary interest isn't considered "practical", you have to choose whether you're more concerned with feeding yourself or your muse.

If I were a lot less pragmatic, I would have taken up any of the following majors in college: Literature, Philosophy, Social Science, Humanities. Of course, I ended up choosing Business Management and Economics, because I know that's where the money is. It turns out I'm pretty damn good at Economics, and eventually I liked it. Not the way I liked Lit or Philo, but I still liked it. I compromised by taking up a truckload of Philosophy subjects (enough for a minor), some social sciences/humanities, and writing as a hobby.

My parents never really had a say in my course. They wanted me to go into IT, but I'd rather have my body dragged over hot coals than be a programmer. They tried to argue it, but I'm quite stubborn. The important thing is that even though I still took up a practical course, it was my own choice and not theirs.

If it's any consolation, your course in college will not determine what you will do for the rest of your life. A few years from your graduation, you will find yourself doing something drastically different from your course. I've seen Political Science majors turn into programmers, Economics majors into interior designers, and yours truly will be accepting a job as a diplomat (no shit) by fall. My peers and I often laugh at how we made such a big deal out of choosing the perfect bachelor's degree, when in the end it turned out to be irrelevant anyway.

Your course will mean very little soon enough. It's just starting point. Don't give up just yet.
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I love you
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Never ever EVER (Can't stress that enough)
do something in your life just because your
parents influence it, especially when it comes to your future.
My parents wanted me to be in the Air Force, but
I decided to cut my own path in to life, instead
of treading one already walked. Though, because
you're already in the situation, you can always make
the best of it. Get a job that involves the experience that
you've had so far, and save up money. Even though it'll
take longer to get to where you want to be, I'm sure
eventually you can get there =)
Just save up money and take it one step at a time.
Good luck =D
“You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.” – Sam Keen


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