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Mega 11-20-2013 05:35 AM

Work rant.
Wowwww. So I'm working 3rd shift at the job I finally got after a year of searching ~_~ I've been there over 4 months now.

So the last 4 or so weeks 3, 2nd shift positions opened up at the work. Since I'm needing to be with Mom more during the day, due to her cancer treatments, I let our supervisor know that I need different hours. One of the 3 jobs was Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 11am-3pm. I signed up for all 3 jobs anyway.

The first 2, other people were picked for the position. Today I had to stay over to talk with the supervisor about my direct deposit so he told me to come in his office. He had the other older lady from 3rd shift that wanted the 2nd shift job come in there as well. HE FREAKING GAVE IT TO HER RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME WITHOUT EVEN ASKING ME ANYTHING............ The lady he hired told him right then and there that she would only work Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday....which he agreed to. That leaves 2nd shift a day working 1 person short. I even let our supervisor know that I was willing to work all 4 of those days (which would have bumped me up to 32 hours from 24 making me full time). When I asked him why he hired her instead, he told me that he had to honor her "seniority" over me.

I'm sorry, but why would you hire someone not willing to do the job that they applied for >_>; do you not even listen to your workers? The people on 2nd shift even told me to my face that they wanted me on their shift instead of the other lady.

To add on to that while I was filling out a form to fix whatever problem they created with my direct deposit, the supervisor asked me what the pink bracelet was on my wrist. So I told him that it was to support cancer research. He informed me not to ever wear it again because we aren't allowed to wear "jewelry".

Sighhhh. Are you freaking kidding me.....I swear this company follows every rule in the world whether it hurts them or not.

twinblade 11-28-2013 06:45 PM

That's some ridiculous way of thinking for a supervisor.
I thought jewelry is made of...y'know...jewels...? -_-
Maybe you should brace yourself for a while then find another way better company to work for.

Light 11-28-2013 07:23 PM

Pretty obvious that she's getting the D, hence the benefits.

twinblade 12-02-2013 09:23 PM

Oh, didn't think of that...perhaps.

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