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06-28-2013   #1 (permalink)
Break it up, son.
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Default "A raunchy, gay-bashing webcomic"

I posted this on Facebook earlier, I figured I'd go ahead and post it here. This really has me pissed off.

Max Uriarte, the creator of Terminal Lance, a webcomic about the Marine Corps, posted this today:

I'm only posting this because it genuinely made me angry. I don't really give a shit how her idiot uncle at Disney sees me, but Terminal Lance has NEVER been anti-gay. She clearly missed the point of every gay-related comic I've ever done.
My post:


Wow, this is just amazing. Max Uriarte is the creator of Terminal Lance, an incredibly popular, relatively new webcomic about the Marine Corps ( Terminal Lance - I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier. ) -- which is popular because it's a dead honest look at how the Marine Corps really is from the inside. It's not a stretch to say that Max's work is a spiritual successor of Bill Mauldin's WWII cartoons about "Willie and Joe", and if you know what I'm talking about here, you'll know that Bill Mauldin didn't sugarcoat his presentation either and this landed him in trouble a few times. That's the how the military is, though -- especially the Marine Corps. In fact, I have a quote here from BGen Homer Litzenberg, USMC, Korean War, about this very thing:

"[Military comic/cartoon] humor may be slapstick, but it is not contrived; it may be sophisticated, but it is not effete; it may be satiric, but it is not sadistic;it may be bawdy, but not really dirty. And this also ought to be said: Whether his jests are delivered as bluntly as a tank or as delicately as a rapier, the are equally devastating.

[...]As any military man will tell you, humor is a necessity on the battlefield. Man would be hard put at times to keep his sanity if it were not for his innate funnybone."

The thing that I, and every other Marine loves about Terminal Lance and that's the fact that it's completely accurate. Marines act, talk, laugh, and joke like you see in Terminal Lance. Some of the stupid shit that we put up with and in turn dish back out is laid bare in Max's comic which leaves me in stitches every time.

One thing that Terminal Lance certainly is not is homophobic. Max recently finished art school in the Bay Area and sought to intern at Pixar. He was turned down, and this reply here is the reason why he was turned down. I challenge any of you read through his archive of comics and find anything that qualifies as "raunchy gay-bashing." If anything, Max does his best to use such humor to reveal the common ground we all walk, and never in a deprecating or demeaning fashion.

"KICK THE SHIT IF YOU WANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY." This is one of the most insulting things I think I've ever heard anyone say to a fellow cartoonist. I've never even considered seeking the field of art (except as self-employed) after finishing my enlistment as a combat illustrator in the USMC, but if that's how the likes of Disney and Pixar sees independent comic work, that's just two more companies I know of that are downgraded from "unlikely" to "never."


tl;dr: if you guys ever want a career at Disney, don't do go putting your work out there if it could possibly offend anybody, anywhere even if there's no good reason as to why. When we figure out how to possibly manage to do that, we'll get back to you
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