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Gaap 03-01-2013 11:50 AM

I have lost faith in some of the eTO fandom (outside of ggFTW)
Copied from my guild forums, but thought I share.
Note that this is gears towards the angry anon-face players at the eTO forums. Not an insult either. I'm... Just mad... For rejecting the offer even though it was hard now to jump to a SGi game.


But oh man. I think the eTO forums had a bunch of Sour Apples.

Look. I know Trickster, your BELOVED game and community was taken away by "them" and will not give a second chance to join up at another game...

But all I want to say... Is that you do not have the right to bash the other people/community/a single fan (that tries to help) using Trickster as your defense. It really hurts. The sole purpose of bringing this guild back up in a new name is to STAY IN TOUCH with the Trickster Players, and the guild page itself is it's own guild away from the PangYa branch! (Which I did not mention to them...)

So yea. All SGi a corrupted company. You can say for the rest and these other dying MMO companies that were somehow occurred at the same month(?)...

Plus. It's the player's FAULT for carelessly spending MyShop! Probably to note that the money spend to contribute the game might have been used for something else, since this company also had PangYa, Grand Chase, Project Blackout, and Crossfire to take care of! :S (And the EU servers as well.)

I will post the screencaps from PangYa from a GM Tee Time later. He/she... Had some tips and hints of why TO closes, as well some of the GMs we know are gone off away from SGi now. That's why we got new faces like sweetheart Goldita.

TL;DR: I have lost hope in these angry Trickster fanatics. They need to calm down and not bash someone, even if the only way to calm down is by joining another game.

Draft 03-01-2013 12:15 PM

People are full of emotions, some can't deal with it and feels the need to express it through anger.

Just give people a few weeks and we will be out of this storm. I too had a hard time looking at it as reality. I personally thought they ended the game not in the best way, but also not in the worst way. The time wasn't right, but it was falling apart edge by edge.

After all, moving on and changing is the hardest thing for a lot of people. I hope you enjoy Panyga as I never played it, Lady Gaap. It was nice meeting you in-game at Harkon, though we didn't talk much. Maybe one day, a publisher will hear about all this and revive eTO, so cheers!

Thanks for reading my boring lecture! :py44:

Gaap 03-01-2013 01:01 PM

You are not boring. It was strange for my Duelist to go away, but I guess I think differently because LadyGaap the character is still with me.. (I am tempted to write crappy fanfiction...)

Thank you so much~ Yea.. I never got to talk, but it was fun defending the Harkon and even won for once or a few times with a few number of people~

I have hope as well. I may not come back, but I still want TO to be noticable by those who love 2D-pixel or anime-styled "girly" games. (Bonus for an interesting story... And I still love Danihen!)

P.S. PangYa relaxes me, hence why I like it.

Marky 03-02-2013 12:29 AM

unfortunitly said anon-face players have been verry lucky

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