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Globalastro 12-04-2012 06:41 PM

the harder i work and make, the more I go in debt?
Ok, i know i haven't been here in a long while, but this is the best place i can think of to just let it all out, responses or no responses, i just need it to be said.

So, as many of you may remember, I own a business with my boyfriend. Well that business will be the friggin end of me if things continue the same way.

We were all financially set, i started working at a convenience store, I get overtime more often than not, and thank god for weekly paychecks. He works a real 9-5 bringing home most of the bacon.

on average, we make 2600 a month from personal jobs alone.

But then there's the business, for which, we are in a contract to do deliveries 3 days a week for a company that required a 26 foot box truck. We figured out our finances, all was well, it'd be tight, but we'd get it, we got the company to prepay so we could afford the deposit and first 2 payments. but then, they wanted an extra 1000 down payment, ok, still tight as hell for a while, but we can manage just lose some services for a little while, suffer a month..... and then the kicker, a month later, it broke down, fuel line was too close to the radiator, it burned through, spewed 80$ worth of diesel down route 13, cost 100 to get it fixed and during the down time we had to do multiple trips in our personal suv and spend another 80$ in gas just to go back and forth for the deliveries.

now, i'm starting a software QA job for a friend for great pay, only issue, due to all these, comcast shut us off, so now i have no internet except for tethering to my cellphone which will also be shut off in a day or two, that was the saving grace to get us back on track.

I've heard all about Karma, I was always crapped on as a kid by everyone else, I was the first person to give the last dollar in my pocket to someone who might need it more than me even if it was all i had for food, i started working at 10 years old, had 2 jobs by the time i was 16, spent all of my savings at 17 to keep my mother and step dad out of debt, continued to help my mother pay bills even after I moved out causing ME to go into debt, i now work 3 jobs, roughly 100 hours a week+, and still life just craps all over me.
what goes around comes around my ass, the more you give, the less you keep and the more you hurt in the future.

zgmfx19a 12-05-2012 04:04 AM

Tough life you have. I am not from a well to do family, but at least I am satisfied with what I have now.

Got to say though, life is never fair. Karma and stuff like that are all bullshit.

I wish you all the best in life. May your lucky break come sooner.

SlowBro 12-05-2012 10:22 AM

two incomes = 2600/mo? US really that bad?

Globalastro 12-05-2012 05:38 PM

Who wants icing on the cake, apparently the box truck's fuel line issue was far beyond that, according to hubby's friend who also owns and does deliveries in box trucks, it looks like we need to replace the whole engine block!!!!


@slowbro, as for the 2 incomes, he works a full time "real job" that he's still at high risk of being laid off and i work part time... or so my job position states, i work more overtime than i do regular weeks.

and for the record, please refrain from saying "it gets better", if i've learned one thing in my life, it doesn't get better, it evens out, starts looking good and BAM something else breaks that causes your shit to go right back into chaos.

RoflKnife 12-06-2012 10:02 AM

I would have offed myself at the part where I had to work 3 jobs. When life gives me lemons, I make lemonade. But when life gives me bullshit, well I'm screwed.

Don't worry, it gets better.


Leenalia 01-17-2013 01:02 PM

Simple solution to your problem, get rid of your business.
You shouldn't even be in business if money is tight, the goal to a business is to have overhead business costs that you can afford while still having emergency funds saved incase something happened.

You don't have that. Your business costs is draining your income making you "tight but doable" in terms of income, that's the wrong way to think. Do this last business venture, sell the truck, and don't do any other business venture again until you have atleast $50,000 in cash saved up. THEN you come back to it.

Also, your parent's debt are not your own. They need to fix it themselves and learn some type of money management. The more you help them, the more you enable them since they now expect you to be there to help out with their money problems.

If it's one thing I learned through the years, it's never ever get involved with someone else's debt no matter how much you love them. The only reason you'd ever get involved is if their debts are minimal (aka $20,000) and you can afford to help them. THAT'S IT.

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