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Draft 11-10-2012 03:43 PM

Gifted Classes....
This isn't much of a rant, but I like to just tell how I feel about being at a High School full of competitive nerds.

So I just recently received a 94 on a test, because I made lol mistakes. Meh, It wasn't a big deal, but apparently this kid is very competitive against me. He gotten a perfect score on the test and rubbed it in my face. Why did he do that? My only thought is he always competed against me, because I was Asian. He would say, "Oh my gosh I beat an Asian." Stereotypical much? I was speechless to say anything about his immaturity. Well, it's not just him. Most of them will straight up come to me just to compare report cards. I have never rubbed grades in other's faces, well maybe couple times in middle school, but this kid I never knew him until this year. Funny thing is, My math class annoys me the most. There are at least five Asian in our class including me. Its been 10 weeks since school started and I can't go a day without someone saying "Asian" involving intelligence. This is very annoying, because I constantly get compared by them, even when I don't want to. My question is, Are grades that big of a deal? Why do people constantly think Asian are mad scientist?

There are few people that bugged me to the fullest. I would just chat with my friends, then they randomly asked if they could copy off my homework. I worry how they even got into a gifted class.

Sorry if this thread sound a bit racist in anyway.

james 11-10-2012 03:53 PM

So you just ignore them.

Yume 11-10-2012 04:10 PM

I've had a similar experience, but it was with another Asian girl.
My parents are Chinese, and I was born and raised in Canada. In about the 11th grade, a girl who was born and raised in China moved to my town and joined our grade. She is two years older than me, but is in the same grade because she came to Canada only a couple years ago and needed time to learn English.
I can only understand and speak conversational Chinese; can't read or write it. I admire immigrant students because they become quite fluent in several languages and this girl could speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English (her English wasn't that bad when I met her). But she just made it her goal to compete with me. I had really good grades in High School in all my subjects (she was in every class I was), and she would without fail, ask me how I did on all of my exams. I would show her and she would snicker if mine was higher, or say she got the same. My school was small, and a lot of people did not do very well, so I never went to ask how they did, because I know they would ask how I did. But this girl, she would always come up to me and ask about my grades. She would always be shy about her age too. NOBODY found it a big deal that she was older than us, but she made it into a big deal. She even said, "I'm older, so I should be smarter".

Well anyway, I think I just made my own rant... but point being: there will be people competing with you, but you are not competing with them. If asked, I will reply and then go on with my day. Don't let things bother you too much.
I think the stereotype for Asians arises from the high expectations of immigrant parents for their children. In a lot of cases, the immigrant parents were doctors, engineers etc in their home country, but their license and degrees mean nothing when they come to the West. They came to the West for better conditions for their children and hope for them to be doctors, lawyers etc while they take on a new job of perhaps restaurant owner, or doing labour-intense jobs. The math thing is probably because math is taught earlier, faster, and more intense than it is here in North America. I remember my Malaysian friend saying he did algebra in elementary school.

And grades are important in High school. It can determine what scholarships you can receive when you graduate. I'm in Canada, and getting into most Universities is pretty easy and they basically only consider your high school grades (other exceptions), but I'm not sure about the U.S since you have to take the SATs.

Edit: Yeah, just do what Jare said. ;)

Nebula 11-10-2012 04:49 PM

I third Jare's opinion.

They are simply displaying that they are incapable of modesty and humbleness. In the end an employer would rather higher a decent person as opposed to one who is full of themselves. It is better that you make a few mistakes anyways as you will go into the next test with a goal of improving yourself as opposed to being overconfident. And if you are too used to 100%s then you are not going to cope with college. Not only is it harder to get incredible grades, you throw everyone else who was at the top of their school in one place.
You are doing better than them I bet.
Juggling around school and a job would not be too common at your age, especially for someone doing very well.

Their were very few Asians at our school. We only stereotyped them as smart as a joke. They honestly did not mind. In my grade they were about in the middle of the class.

RoflKnife 11-10-2012 05:18 PM

Every stereotype has some truth in it, that's where they came from. The bit of truth here is that it's because asian parents are known to be strict, so their son/daughters are usually forced to work their ass off to get good grades.

Don't expect to meet much decent people until you get out of highschool. Even then though, eh.

Draft 11-10-2012 06:40 PM

Thanks for the advice Jare and everyone replies! My parents were never strict with me. They love me the way I am. I just do well in school, because I want to(?) I dislike being compared to as it's not my nature to put people down for pleasure.

@RoflKnife, I know what you mean...

Almora 11-10-2012 11:55 PM

It gets worse when you're at family dinners or something and your asian parents try to peg you up as trophies vs other asian kids there.

I didn't know you were asian, this is a surprise, haha.

Nebula 11-11-2012 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by Almora (Post 1782962)
It gets worse when you're at family dinners or something and your asian parents try to peg you up as trophies vs other asian kids there.

I didn't know you were asian, this is a surprise, haha.

And you sit there thinking "I just want to be a quiet achiever".
Luckily (I guess) I do not have huge family gatherings as most of my cousins are overseas. But it happens in other ways.

This happens amongst Caucasian parents too. Although not so much. But when I finished grade 12 and got my results back I was given a certain number. Anyways, my mum saw a friend's mum in the shop. My friend's mum rubbed the fact that a classmate (not her daughter) got a higher score than me. Her daughter got a lower score than I did so in order to make my mum feel bad... She brings up someone else's child. Me and the other two people mentioned would never rub our grades in each other's faces. It is just the parents.
Every time I talk to this parent I really have to watch what I say or she will work out a way to say something against me. However when she said that her daughter had 2 essays due in two week; I let her know about my 6 items due in a week. She quickly changed topics.

But getting back to the context, mum likes comparing my sister and I with her colleagues at work. Whilst my dad does not.
Mum is Chinese.
Dad is a typical white American.
Mum cares about what I score and will tell me off if I do not do well enough. (And then says that she will not pressure me)
Dad only cares that I have tried my best.

Luckily I got to choose what I wanted my degree in.

Bolter 11-11-2012 08:11 AM

come up with something else to mindf*** them, anyway these supremacist kids will get their karma someday.

iFarted 11-16-2012 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by Almora (Post 1782962)
... and your asian parents try to peg you up as trophies vs other asian kids there.

My bad childhood memories suddenly surfaced... OTL

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