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RoflKnife 09-03-2012 01:21 PM

How are you people so ****ing stupid?
I've never played an MMO with a community as inept as GW2. Jesus christ all mighty. I've done 3 public dungeon runs now. They were all terrible. You absolutely need private parties.

Someone dies, and nobody bothers to try and revive. It's in your best ****ing interest to revive them, if you just let everyone die it's going to snowball when there's only 2 or 3 people left because they can't tank the damage while trying to revive.

A lot of them are unable to grasp red circles that indicate AoE or something. I saw someone just run into a red circle, and die from it. Why would you run into it, holy shit. And there's a booby trapped corridor with tons of red circles, with a pack of mobs in it. What does someone do? They run in to fight in the circle filled corridor. Why the ****. WHY THE ****?

Some of them are blind, or completely lost without precise instructions, I don't know which. There's a room where you need to destroy things in a very simple order. People kill the first....and then get lost for the second one, even though it was specified before hand. They eventually get the second...and then get lost for the third one, and so on. It's even marked on the minimap. Jesus. Christ.

And then there's people that can't pay attention, just spam keys or something, or are just really really really really bad at timing. Boss has a really obvious long wind up move that will very likely kill you if you do not dodge or block it. Every time he does it, 2 or 3 party members die from it. It's really. Really. Easy. The timing is the same every time. The wind up animation is the same every time. It's like a 4 second wind up. And it emits a flashy light when he starts it. You can't miss it. Just. Stop. And. Dodge. Or. Block. I understand if you screw up once or twice cause no one's perfect and I don't expect people to do something that involves timing perfectly every time. But when every single wind up kills 2 or 3 people EVERY SINGLE TIME, and he does it every 30 seconds or something... God. Damnit.

And GW2 allows you to party with people from different servers. And that's what I did for my 3 public runs. So no, it's not just a case of my server having really bad people. It's the majority of the community.

Private parties are an absolute must in this game.

Metty 09-03-2012 05:12 PM

I've gotten one dungeon which went fine except for the first fight in CM. Dungeons have been down ever since. I can only take so much exploring and event grinding.

Other than that all I see is blind fanboyism and idiocy.

"Wish they had the AH working"
"Go back to WoW, this is an arenanet game we don't have those here. We have TPs"
"They do the exact same thing"
"No one trades the other auctions"
They're the exact same ****ing thing and unlike Arenanet, Blizzard actually wasn't retarded enough to make their damned auction houses web based.

Joey 09-10-2012 06:24 PM

Poor RK. Seems that party play in GW2 is completely similar to party play in GW.

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