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buta 07-13-2012 12:54 AM

Ex-roommates + FFFF CATS
Oh look! Bonus rant with this other rant!

So. Not sure how many people remember me ranting about my roommates. Well the year is over. A few of them were cool (like 2 of them I guess), but there's this one douchebag I'd rather forget. But oh look! Text messages! And I thought I was through with him since the year was over. Nope.

Turns out he wants to live with his friend. Of course he can't outright say that so he says that "something has come up" and that he wanted to switch housing situations for next year. Mmhmm. Sure.

Why the hell people stay in college after they've graduated is beyond me. Get the hell out so people that need a ****ing education can live some place, holy shit.

Anyways, he told me where it was so I thought I'd look it up. If he sweetened the deal, maybe I'd do his bidding. So I checked the school's wiki site (because yes they have a wiki. it's weird.) and EVERY SINGLE COMMENT about the place he wanted me to switch to said "I'm moving out soon and I'm SOOOO glad. It sucks here." Hmm. Okay. Well. I can suck it up if it's small. But how's the cost?

Oh, just a measly 500 bucks per person per month. That is, IF YOU SHARE A ROOM. A dinky room. A small room that can barely fit a bed and desk as is. What's this? The management also likes to scam you out of your 500 dollar security deposit so they can upgrade the place? HAHAHAHAHA

But wait! It gets better! So I email asking what his "situation" is. Maybe he's got rabies or something and has to live in the place I'm slated to live in cause the one doctor that can save his life is there and has to give him 24/7 hour care. Maybe he has extenuating circumstances that could've possibly forced his hand in the matter. I replied stating that I'd rather not pay more if not necessary, emphasizing how poor I am.

His response?

"Oh, yeah, it's more expensive. I just don't wanna live there cause there's paperwork and I don't wanna fill them out."


Are you ****ing kidding me?

I'm not that stupid. And that's the best ****ing bullshit of an excuse you can come up with?

Lemme reword that.

"Switch to a more expensive location because I'm lazy."


Nope. Not to mention my sister has some loan problems recently. So that's even more out of the question, moving to an expensive place. Federal laws screwing education over, what the ****. ****ing politicians screw up the system and leave it for the next generation, but the next generation is all broke from paying for shitty education that the politicians jacked the money from. And so begins the cycle of stupidity breeding stupidity and screwing up the world. Whee.


So I went to Japan cause my mom is currently living there and we have some friends that helped pay for the trip. And, if you remember my rant about cats having sex at 3 in the morning...


Get awoken up after walking around all day. 4AM. Cats. Outside. Singing the goddamn Phantom of the Opera by moonlight.

This is why I'm still a dog person.

Or maybe pig person.


iFarted 07-14-2012 12:03 AM

i like dogs and cats and hamsters

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