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08-29-2011   #1 (permalink)
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Default We need to be more organized.

Seriously, no one is going to take us seriously if we don't.

I'm part of the campus Community Service Club (an officer, actually). It's only on its 3rd year, and is still pretty small. So what we're doing to help bump up the group activity is tabling out at this week's Club Rush. What it is, is that different clubs and student organizations put up tables around campus with posters, flyers, pictures, and stuff to decorate their tables to help attract new possible recruits. It's a good way to get stuff out there to a ton of people at once since everyone is walking around campus on their way to/from class, anyway.

So, we're doing this a bit last-minute. I'm supposed to get up tomorrow morning to pick up our table and find a spot outside. Then I just stand out there until I have to go to class and someone else comes by to help recruit, too. We have no posters, flyers, pictures, or stuff to decorate our table. I feel like I'm just going to be an idiot standing there with a notebook and pen, hoping someone finds the club the least bit interesting.

Think about it, what is your first impression when you see a club table set up with just about nothing on it? No posters and fliers just kinda read off as lazy. Like no one wants to put any effort into putting it together. Without pictures or decorations about what the club does, it's like telling the world that the club does nothing. There's no visual proof about any club activity or events. That, and it sparks zero interest in the group. If you put an empty table right next to one with awards and club pictures, which would your eyes want to see more of? And it's a shame that we don't have anything that screams out what we do -- hell, we did so much last year.

Especially since most of the events were so quickly planned in such short time between them. One week we're picking up recyclables around campus to recycle for money to buy some school supplies to give out to kids of low-income families, then the next we're at the senior center singing karaoke with the senior citizens and then serving lunch for them. It was like boom, boom, boom so much stuff to do. And we have nothing to prove it.

Time to work on some last-minute table ideas that way it doesn't seem like we're a zero-effort kind of a club. Ugh.
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