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Default Random's Rules are on a Tighter Leash

After recently reevaluating the Rules and Moderation system I feel the time is right to bring this into light for everyone here.

Up until now Random has served as our sort of free for all area to say or post things that would be considered inappropriate in other areas, we joke and make fun of each other or things around us but we sometimes step over the line of the rules time to time and in some cases we've jumped the line so much that Random was almost taken down several times.

Fortunately it remained because we toned it down when Paul yelled at us, but we still have those moments where we like to walk the line or cross over it time to time, sometimes without realizing it.

We must remember that this forum is designed to be PG-13, and while many of us may be adults there are many guests who are young and don't need to be exposed to suggestive or explicit content no matter how minor it may seem.

Because I'm now in the authority position and extensively reworking the entire forum, Joey and myself breathed life into the old project that I created to circumvent the rules and have a truly free for all forum that is entirely hidden to everyone including staff who don't have the required permissions to access it.

This forum is named After Dark and serves as our super secret club where almost anything goes and you won't get punished for it.
That also means that this area is NSFW so if you're not into adult content yourself then it's not for you.

To apply for this area you simply go to usergroup management in the UserCP or click the link below, then submit an application request.

Usergroup Manager

We have 4 members of staff monitoring the applications and they will review and accept them as they get to them, after joining you'll get the amusing Pervert Award you may have seen floating around for a while along with many brown girl images to admire.

For those who aren't interested then we ask that you respect the rules here in Random properly as your host Ethane continues to entertain and look after this place.

Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding!

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