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09-22-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Default Valkyrie Server: Worth Playing?

I'm thinking of trying RO on the free server, but according to some past posts, its not worth it.
I heard there's a lot of grinding, and high level monsters outside of town...
Should i just play on this server, or just find a private one?
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10-12-2009   #2 (permalink)
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Leveling in RO is too easy now because there are quests that you can repeat endless times and sometimes you get 1 level for just collecting 30 Bill of Birds(For example.Those Bill of Birds can be bought from a NPC in Morroc for 30z each).
10-14-2009   #3 (permalink)
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Well if your really into RO which is not bad at all.. Why not.? for realz playing private server RO or the official one is still a players preference..

If your into grinding, love PvP and you want some balance to the game I must say play the official one..

If your lazy wanna gain some crazy levels, your into some extreme PvP and your most likely just playing just for fun.. I must say private server..

It's basically your preference but I must say its still worth it.. :P
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10-16-2009   #4 (permalink)
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Official is where it's at.
Although it does take longer to level, leveling isn't like other MMOs where you just mindlessly click, because you actually need a party to make decent experience (for the most part). I don't see any wizards jumping in biolabs planning to solo.
I personally believe party leveling is very fun in low rates because you actually die.

The balance in high rates just does not make sense.
The game wasn't made for people to PVP at level 250, because skill and stat builds get messed up, and certain classes become clearly more powerful than others because of this. Then all it is is who has more MVP cards, and then it's just stupid. Servers can try to balance the classes out but in the end, you should stick to official where the classes are already balanced. Not to mention WoE in official is nothing like WoE in a private server. If you have not played WoE in official (or low rate, for that matter), you have not played WoE at all.

High rates, in my opinion, are so you can play around with having a ridiculous build and trying out different classes and skills, while discovering more about RO you weren't able to see in a low rate because you were too low of a level. But it surely is not worth getting serious about because all in all, private servers are just not dependable. They lag, they get corrupt, they are run by people who have no idea what they are doing, and they close down completely.

Official is the way to go for people looking for a fair, serious game
They just made it free, so now you have no excuse to play a crappy private server.
10-19-2009   #5 (permalink)
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I'm gonna' agree with the above poster. Privates are really unbalanced now. There used to be low rates that were like the official server, but free (before Valkyrie), had better rates (1x EXP. is horrible grinding), and was just overall better (less lag and more active GMs, ect.) but those privates are all gone and all the low rates now are complete fail. Ever since Valkyrie was released, I pretty much vowed to stay away from privates forever. I really do recommend you play it because it does have some fails, but it really does do a good job of offering RO. If you're not into the amount of grinding and effort it takes, then I recommend you wait for Renewal. Renewal is a complete rebalancing of RO and has been underway (already implemented in kRO's official servers) for a while now. It is also rebalancing for 3rd jobs, and max level 150. It will make leveling considerably better/easier.

A lot of people consider RO to be only for PvP/WoE (guild wars), and it is true that that's where most of the game content lies. If you're not into either of those, then you probably won't find RO amusing for too long, before or after Renewal.


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