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NoeJeko 07-12-2008 11:00 PM

Complaints Without Suggestions
Any issues with the forum that don't have a suggestion attached will be given lowest priority. We'll consider all issues that people have, but due to the lack of time a lot of us have, we need you guys to try and think of suggestions when you think something could be done better, needs to be added, or needs to be removed. Example:

I think the rules are hard to find. (badly formed suggestion)

I think the rules are hard to find. I suggest moving them to (here) or creating links (here). This will make them easier for users to find (well formed suggestion).

So, please help us out by thinking of possible solutions to problems. Even if we decide your solution isn't the best route to go, it gives us a starting point on trying to come up with the solution that makes the most sense.

Sorry to use your suggestion as my example, wacky, but it was the last one I replied to before I decided there was a need to post this.

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