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Cait 03-20-2013 08:46 PM

Question on fansite~

^ Soo i made a place to have a group integrate videos, pics, and etc, similar to facebook... and it gets removed...

I'm sorry that i posted in the wrong section D:

But in the past when I've looked for people, my topics get moved here:

Trickster hunting grounds: Looking for some friends or a group to train with? Create your own teams and clubs, or join others' to train with, and also host and advertise your own events for others to join in!

And the message says "other than in the designated market forums."

But the market forums is for

Trickster Online Market
Market forum for Trickster Online.
Sub-Forums: Trickster Price Check, Trickster Use & Etc. Items, Trickster Cards Pets & Drills, Trickster Weapons, Trickster Shields & Head Gear, Trickster Inner Wear & Accessories, Trickster Personal Market

and it doesn't fit into that section at all o_O...

So is there a "market forums" section that I'm missing that would be more appropriate?

Would this place be more appropriate?

Trickster Online Fandom
Trickster Online contests, fanart, videos, etc.
Sub-Forums: Trickster Online Screenshots, Trickster Online Videos, Trickster Online Fanfiction & Fanart

as a "fan site?"

Orrr? o.o


Joey 03-20-2013 09:21 PM

It's not appropriate to be placed in any market forum because you aren't actually trying to sell anything. You're trying to advertise on ggFTW without prior consent of the ggFTW website owner, which is against the website's policy. So don't go posting another of those threads anywhere.

As you've likely read by this point, if you're looking to advertise an outside website without permission, a tasteful link in your signature is basically the limit (which I'm seeing you've already done). And there's kind of a slim line on that too, because we frequently have to crack down on accounts that were made specifically to advertise with links in the signature.

Since you're already an established member of the community, that shouldn't be a problem. But no advertising threads, and no soliciting any members by saying things like, "You should go check this out!" or whatever and then linking to the website.

This post feels long, but I think the point is pretty simple. If you're really going to do this, just take the utmost caution to follow the rules.

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