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james 07-13-2012 11:04 PM

Mention/Quote Notification?
So there's another vBulletin-based site I go to and they have a Mention/Quote notification system. Obviously, the system notifies you when you have been mentioned (through use of like @Jamesie; or [mention]Jamesie[/mention]) or quoted.

I think it'd be a pretty nifty system, at least the mention system, to have on ggftw. Would it be an easily added feature? I personally really like it so I don't have to stalk threads like a hawk/vulture if I'm in an argument with someone to see if I've gotten a reply.

Jessica 07-14-2012 01:51 AM

That is an awesome idea. I wouldn't mind seeing that, either.

Sunniiee 07-14-2012 03:18 AM

+1 I think this would be a great idea ~

james 07-14-2012 01:43 PM

Good to see I'm not alone here! :>

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