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akari19leonhart 06-13-2012 06:00 AM

Megaten wiki
Megaten has now moved to Atlus and the wiki on aeria has shut down:py57: I would love to see a megaten wiki made to rival that of aeria's old wiki:py12: I hope to see this soon thanks.

I'd make it myself but I can't figure out how I start a wiki:py56:

Veloze 06-13-2012 09:46 AM

Well, there is a wiki page for Megaten but it's hidden because barely anyone here plays the game anymore.
Main Page - /gg FTW! Megaten Wiki
If you want, you can go ahead and edit it, but that really won't do any good unless you make an effort to bring players over here and get the admins to acknowledge the game again.

NoeJeko 06-14-2012 12:46 AM

On that note, if the megaten wiki becomes active then we will definitely start promoting it again. Share the link, bring workers, and we'll promote the hard work everyone puts in!

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