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Ayumi 09-25-2011 02:11 PM

[Suggestion] Rotating forum banners
It's not that I don't like the current theme, but seeing as we don't have extra forum layouts to choose from, how about using rotating user created banners on top of the forums? I'm not thinking that they're gonna be super-long in height, just enough to make it look a bit more pretty.

I'm thinking either add it as another contest, or create a thread with certain criteria and then the design theme can choose what banners to use. Everyone should be free to participate, of course~.

For it to not take too much space and push the forums too long down, after testing I came to the fact that 770px width should be good enough (and required too, seeing as it wouldn't look very good if the banner was shorter than the content below), and then perhaps 150px as the length limit. The images should of course also be representational MMORPG related only.. unless someone else have a better/additional idea? (I'm thinking anime & manga, even though I personally think it should be MMORPGs only.)

Anyway, by rotating, I mean a simple JavaScript that'll let it refresh with new banners all the time. They won't change while you're on the page, but they'll change once you've refreshed or gone to another page.

I'm quite terrible at adding proper text to images. I've seen a lot of people on ggFTW who can do this and make it blend perfectly. So, even if people can't add text, then maybe they can still upload the banners and let someone else text? Team work and suggestions is awesome anyway! Then again, I think it looks better without text. We already have the ggFTW logo and the additional font inside the banner might crash with the rest.

WRT the current navigation bar, it's missing a few dark pixels on the left. You can view it on my example, next to the unavoidable red arrow. Dunno if anyone else have seen it or it's just me being picky.

As seen on the example below, I've used all of my suggestions. To summon up: 150 (200?) x 770 px, MMORPG related, no nudity (obviously, existing forum rules should be reminded).. Just a thought I haven't put too much into. I also must apologize for the terrible English in this post, but I've been sick for days and it's hard to do anything properly.. lol

Oh and as you can tell, I actually moved the navigation bar further up for more banner space. I actually like it better this way but don't shoot me if you don't agree.

Example banner #1: Mabinogi 770 x 150 px
Example banner #2: Trickster 770 x 200 px

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