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Default Battlefield Tips

*I posted this guide a while ago on the Ijjji forums and Lunia Compendium, but it was missing the defensive team's "tips". I've also noticed a few more things with the characters. if anyone knows stuff about yuki, eir, lime, and dacy, it'd be cool if you could put some stuff down, since I don't really know anything... I will be assuming it's 8v8 for this guide, and not 3v3, or some other number. thank you gladiat, I was a little late*

Battlefield Tips

Battlefield is an 8v8 map, the biggest pvp map in Lunia so far. In this map, instead of a combo reducer, there's a combo multiplier.

There are two teams, each with seperate objectives. The attacking team's goal is to get in the castle, and destroy the Drive Core Machine. The defending team must hold them off for 13 minutes.

There are three phases to the map.

1. Gates
2. Lord Andre
3. Drive Core Machine

Universal Tips:

Comboing is good, it doesn't have to be very complicated, a simple pillar-ice rainn from Dainn can take out a large chunk of the enemies' life.

Don't get right up to the gate when attacking it if you don't have to. If a pass holder comes out, you'll be sandwiched between him/her and the wall.

Travel as a team when attacking, or at least a group of 2 or three. When attacking choke points, one person can be easily killed by a Sieg, or overwhelmed by the rest of the defending team. It will also create some synergy, such as Dainn using BCB, and another character to push them away. Or an Eir with Light Shield. When defending, it can save team members from being attacked, or create a huge wall of projectiles.

Gates only take damage from "hitting" attacks. Like melee attacks, or certain skills (ice rain, rain of fire, whirling sword, tears of goddess). The same goes for the Drive Core Machine.

When defending, if any gates are open, the defending team doesn't have to stay near the objectives the whole time. A group of people can try to halt the attacking team, or have the whole team attack. Though if the whole team dies, they may lose a ton of ground. The defending team can also stay near choke points instead, such as the gates, the last gate to the Machine, or the two hallways.

If you're on the defending team, use the choke points.

Killing yourself isn't so bad sometimes. If you're a lime that's attacking Andre and you've run out of the 60 xform, just die, you'll get that cooldown back. Another example is Dainn at the last phase. His DDB is great for attacking the Core, so it's not so bad to die too quickly.

The enemy team doesn't just sit there, they're going to do something. If they're at a choke point, there's a special section for that. But when fighting the enemy team, they should be split up. By split up, I mean not clustered together, not engaging them 1v1, because some people will be better than other. If they're not, it'll be very messy, combos will be interrupted (or created), and time will be wasted if you're on the attacking team. Use attacks like DFist, Whirlwind Wave, Thunder Candy, Ice Rain, Boink Glove, Holy Spirit, and Throwing Star Deployment. Anything to disrupt them then split them up, like a Sieg's Dash A-Space (part of a windmill). When they're split up, it's much easier to kill them. A Sieg can also single out a person, then kill them with Provoke-combo.

Character Analysis:



Sieg can be called a sort of mobile disruptor/single target killer. Magic Defense allows him to attack a gate relatively unharmed, with the exception of Thunder Candy possibly stopping him. Destruction Fist can also help at choke points, where Sieg is invincible for the duration of the fist, and it knocks back a fair distance. Whirlwind Wave will also help greatly in dispering the defending team. His mobility is from his side steps, which ignore all slow effects. Using his mobility and Provoke to slow down (or kill), he can run from encounters with most classes. Sieg may also be used to disrupt opponents with Provoke, or dash a space (windmilling). When the Beast is summoned, Sieg may provoke him towards the Drive Core Machine. His damage against Andre with Iron Hammer is awesome, and Sieg can kill single targets with ease, provided he has Provoke cooled down. Sieg can get rid of other Siegs with Magic Defense on much more easier than other classes. Sieg's Play Dead is a get out of jail free card, saving him from danger.


Compared to attacking, Sieg is a bit limited in defending at the first phase. Sieg doesn't have many projectiles as other characters, and his do not cooldown very fast either. Though Whirlwind Wave can prove useful if many defenders are attacking. Once the gates are broken, he can be used as a single target killer, or a disruptor. If the Beast is summoned, he may Provoke it away. Also, he may use his single target ability to stop attackers from getting to the choke points. With a pass, Sieg does much, much better. Sieg is free to use his mobility to annoy gate attackers, or take the wood.



Dainn is a jack of all trades with many projectiles and okay movement speed, much like in normal PvP. Autostepping can do good damage to gates. Like Sieg, he can use Icicle Rain, Meteor, BCB, and various projectiles to break through choke points. Dainn doesn't do bad damage to Andre either. At Drive Core Machine, he can be a real threat with a combination of BCB, and Death Dragon Breath. He can combo from a pretty far distance, with AAS. Although, Dainn can run into trouble if he's dealing with a Sieg who has Magic Defense on.


On defense, Dainn is a bit of a ranged person, using the walls to conceal his attacks. Without a pass in the first phase, Dainn does great in disrupting attackers with his many projectiles and BCB. At a choke point, Dainn go on a happy projectile spam, and push back with hand of earth, or block the way with Ice Wall. Siegs are able to pierce through Dainn's wall of ice and projectiles though. With a pass, he'll be more useful with a pass that is at a heavily attacked gate. Dainn can pass through, and BCB, or AoE the attacking team.



Eir can be used as a sort of support character, who can heal and fake res the team, or disrupt the enemy gate defenders with SSA. Many of her projectiles are multi hit, which can greatly increase the combo multiplier. Light Shield can be great for getting through choke points, as it only deactivates when someone attacks. Eir can also split the defending team up at choke points, with Holy Spirit and her many projectiles.


Eir can be a great gate defender in the first phase, with SSA, or other variants of that. She'll help if a Dainn cannot disrupt the Sieg who has Magic Defense turned on. Eir's projectiles aren't so shabby either. They're very fast, like Tears of Goddess, and Sacred Wave or Holy Spirit will push them back very far. Come second phase, she's able to heal Andre, while attacking the enemy team with Judgement of God. At choke points, Eir can lay a moon barrier, or Dodge. Unlike Dainn's Ice wall, those two cannot be destroyed, but Dodge can be triggered by people (who can activate invinciblility skills). Dodge and Moon Barrier have less width than Ice wall. Sleep can be used well at choke points along with Light Shield. With a pass, Eir can support the other pass holders by using her projectiles that push back (which also hit many times) or by healing/fake ressing them.



Tia is pretty helpful in taking choke points down with skills like Hide, Bombs, Throwing Star Deployment, and Wind Wedge. While attacking gates, Tia can safeguard against pass holders killing her by laying mines where the pass holders would appear. This can also serve to spot pass holders, or Tias with Hide. Hitting many, many times is something Tia can do much better than other classes. She'll take down the gates pretty fast. With String of Rescue, Tia can take the wood from the defending team, if it will break in one more hit.


On defense, Tia fares a bit better than Sieg, though she's still a bit limited. Her throwing stars will disrupt anyone except Siegs with Magic Defense, and bombs may help. When the gates are down, Tia can hide and kill individual attackers, or disrupt them while they're attacking Andre or the Drive Core Machine. With a pass, Tia does an astounding job with it. Hide can help immensely whlie traveling to the wood, and her ability to attack quickly will bring the wood down fast.



Lime can be extremely useful in attacking gates, with his level 40 transform. It won't flinch to some attacks, he can't be comboed, his spin keeps hitting the gate, and he can lay down his 58(?) skill to block projectiles, and to harrass the gate defenders. Lime has a nice little gimmick, he can get into the castle without a pass or document. Lime does it with a skill. This can help in breaking the prison locks, and release the Beast early, or to save it for a later time. He'll also be annoying to the enemy team inside, where he can transform and kill them. At Andre, he can bring him down extraordinarily quickly with the level 60 or 40 transformation, and can mainly bulldoze right through people. Lime does a great job at the Machine also.


Slime may use A-Space to help defend the gates, and his level 58 summon. But like on attacking, he can also go through the castle walls. This will help in stopping the attacking team, using his jelly mines. At choke points, lime can lay down those same mines or his freezing jellies, and also kill attackers with his transformation (60 and 40). With a pass, lime can support his fellow pass holders with freezing mines and jellies.


They are basically like a Dainn, and they have an ice orb that shoots out missiles of ice in all direction. Flinches, and deals damage. There's also Ice dragon heart, BCB, Some attack that freezes people in their tracks etc. There's also Ice Queen, and her ranged attacks are really useful inside the gate (if you hit them lol)



When attacking the gates, Dacy can push back the defenders at a certain gate with Thunder Candy, or stun them a bit. When going through choke points, Dacy can still use thunder candy, or many other skills, like Bumpy dash or Catchvee kick. Thunder Candy will help push the Beast to the Drive Core Machine, or hurt Andre a lot.


With Thunder Candy, Dacy can take up the whole width of the gate, and force all the attackers back, with the exception of invincible skills.

Attacking Strategy:

First Phase, Gate Siege:

In this phase, the attacking team will break the gates down. This phase will take place through the whole match.

Gate Attack and Wood Defense
Focusing on one gate can bring it down extraordinarily quickly, but it has a few downfalls. A combination of a dainn with the main pass (or the area being attacked the most) and two tias/siegs with passes can counter this. The rest of the defending team can simply defend that gate. A dacy can simply Thunder Candy, which will force them back. The wood is also unprotected, which will allow easy access for the enemy team. Even if the whole team goes back to help at the wood, it may be too late, because they haven't spotted them. The enemy dainn with the pass may simply AoE the attacking team, in order to help the Tias/Siegs.

Dividing your team between each gate can stop the opposing team's pass holders from taking the wood, but it doesn't destroy the gate as quick as focusing on a single gate. Although the main gate may be damaged by siege engines (though they tend to attack the cannons, NPCs, and players). Stopping the defending team from taking the wood doesn't mean they'll die killing your attackers at each gate, or at least delaying them.

There is a choice to gang on one gate, and send one person to soften up another gate. This safeguards against repairing, as your team can move to another damaged gate. But, the lone attacker may be overwhelmed by pass holders and the enemy team. You can also set one person on wood defense.

It's not like you have to dedicate to one strategy, it's useful to switch between each one. If you you need to take down a gate quickly when taking out the Drive Core Machine, focus on one gate.

Placing your whole team on wood defense will make sure the gates are never repaired, but also never damaged.

Gate Choice

Going for the middle gate is much easier to get to, but you may not spot any pass holders along the way. You'll also be supported by siege engines, but when the gate is broken, it will take longer to get to Andre.

Going for the left or right gate, you will spot pass holders, but it's a long trip there. Breaking the gate will allow quicker access to Andre.

How many gates can you break!?

Breaking one gate will focus your team on killing Andre and is the least time consuming, but if that gate is repaired, they'll have to break through it AGAIN. Like with concentrating on one gate, it will leave some blind spots, where defense can take the wood. It also creates an easy choke point for the defending team to take advantage of.

Breaking two gates will take longer, and one or more people may be not hurting Andre, or fighting against the defenders. This can be much better than destroying one gate, as it will be harder for the defending team to take advantage of choke points. It will also help against repaired gates, as you'll still have one gate left.

Breaking three gates takes a very long time, and the enemy team can disrupt you. This definitely guards against repairing wood and the enemy team will have a hard time pushing you back, but will you have enough time to kill Andre, and the Machine?

Second Phase, Lord Andre, The Beast, and choke points:

In this phase, the goal is to kill Lord Andre, to get inside the castle. The attacking team may break more gates (but won't kill Andre as fast). Gates may still be repaired. Once this phase is complete, it's done, and the Beast can't be released if Andre has died.

Choke Points:

The Gates

If you've only destroyed one gate, the enemy team will have a very easy time pushing you back, because it's only one choke point. This may end up consuming more time than having to destroy two gates. Breaking two gates will help this a bit, as one part of your team can rush one gate, while the other can kill the defenders guarding that gate.

Getting through

It's not wise to simply send one person in, unless it's a lone Tia with Hide activated. If going against the whole defending team of 8 is piled on one gate, it may be wise to have at least three people. The Beast may also be able to penetrate through the point.

Sending your team in

Sometimes you won't have to flood the whole team into that choke point. You can send in a Tia with Hide or a group of three first, while the rest of the team follows in soon after. You may also send in groups of three or two at a time. It's also possible to wait for the defending team to come out and bring the fight to you, while a Tia can Hide and disrupt them, or a lime goes into the castle. A lime can always be going into the castle.

What each class can do:


Magic Defense helps against magical projectiles, and DFist can punch Sieg and his team through the choke point. Whirlwind Wave can help in disrupting them, as can Provoke. If a single target is sticking out, Sieg can simply provoke and kill him.


BCB can help any class set up a knock/pushback skill. His projectiles may also help in knocking them down.


Light Shield can help bring your whole team up, and set up a knockback skill. Her Holy Spirit and Sacred Wave can be very useful in pushing back. If any of the attacking team has died, Eir can try to fake res them.


Tia can disrupt the choke point on her own using hide. From there, she can Wind Wedge, FTS, or Bomb the enemy team, while attacking team floods in.


Lime isn't restricted by choke points (with the exception of the final choke point) because he's able to go through the walls. Lime can transform, and then kill the enemies from there.


Thunder Candy, Catchvee Kick, and Bumpy Dash will definitely force the enemy team to disperse, allowing the attacking team to go through.

Defeating Lord Andre

Lord Andre isn't a very tough boss by himself, he has very slow attacks, and moves like he fights. Damaging him isn't so hard either, a Lime with the level 60 transformation brings him down fast, along with a Sieg's Iron Hammer. The tough part is getting rid of those pesky defenders, and healers may also heal Andre. Trying to trickle in may not help, if the whole defending team is near andre, as each person will be overwhelmed individually. There may be defenders going for wood, but that's less people at andre.

The Beast:

Unleashing the Beast

The Beast may actually be released at the first phase, provivded you have a lime on your team. Although the Beast will be released early, he can also be killed early. The lime may also have trouble taking down each lock on his own, if the enemy team notices him. The lime may destroy all locks, and leave one lock nearly destroyed, to save for the second phase. If the Beast is going to be released at the second stage, it will take away some firepower that could be used to kill Andre. The Beast won't die so early if released at the second stage, and can be added in for a bit of chaos.

Using the Beast

The Beast isn't a friendly NPC to either side, so he can end up killing your team if you're not careful. He can also damage Andre. But Siegs may provoke him, to drag him to the Drive Core Machine, or anywhere else. The Beast functions like the 5-3 boss, with the same attacks, and can be flinched.
A quick rundown of his attacks:

Walking: will hurt for minor damage, and flinches
A punch with his chain: knocks back, and is one of his quicker attacks (though he really isn't that fast).
A ground pound with pillars following it: does major damage.
!His most powerful attack!: he charges up, and delivers a humongous blast. It's area of effect is an extremely large and long cone in front of him. This attack will nearly kill players, and do a bit less than 1/2 HP to Andre.

The Beast is very useful in killing Andre, but the he may be stunned by both teams or provoked by Siegs. Getting him to the Drive Core Machine can be time consuming for your team, especially when getting him through the small hallways, and the defending team can easily use ice rain, thunder candy, or another sieg to push him back. This can result in some wasted time if the attacking team decides to help the Beast through.

!Final Phase, Drive Core Machine!

There is only one thing left to destroy, and that is the Drive Core Machine. Destroying this wins you the match. Another 3 choke points are created from the last gate to break.

The Last Choke Points

One gate is left, but it's extremely easy to destroy. Only thing is, it creates 3 extremely aggravating choke points to go through. Three moon barriers, and two ice walls completely block the front one. There's also two hallways which make two more choke points. If the whole defending team piles on one point, and the attacking team gets through, it's 10 seconds of free Drive Core killing. Refer to the previous choke point section.

Destroying the Machine
The Drive Core Machine does nothing by itself, but it's protected by two robot guards. These two don't do a lot of damage, but they knockback and flinch your character a lot. They can actually be ignored, a Dainn using BCB is invincible, or an Eir using JoG. Although if you want to have less trouble killing the enemy team, a Sieg may Provoke them away. The robots may also save the attacking team from the enemy team's combos. The enemy team can be a huge nuisance, so it can be wise to kill them. If you're killed, the defending team can get back to the choke points. Some members should retreat or hang back, to kill or disrupt the defending team's efforts to use the choke points.

Defending Strategy

First Phase, Gate Defense:

In this phase, the defending team will defend the the gates from being destroyed by the attacking team. This phase lasts throughout the whole match.

Inside the castle, up at the passes, you'll see these two towers at the edge of each side. If you get close to one, you can look at the gate it's near.

Gate Defense
Gate Defense will be a bit reactionary and character specific for the defending team. The main gate has some side corridors, but there's no specific gate choice. One person can be placed at each gate to see if they get attacked, but it might limit firepower for a gate that's being heavily attacked. If a gate is about to collapse, and attackers are going to pour in, the defending team can send in their whole team to stop the attackers.


The castle cannot be exited, unless you have a pass. There are three passes that correspond to each gate, Main, Left, and Right. There are only 3 passes, so it might be wise to give it to classes that really need it, like the more melee oriented classes. The pass holders may also be the "eyes" of the defending team, scouting around the castle. Pass holders should work together. For example, one can go for the wood, and the other two can stay together and harrass the attackers. There are lots of combinations of what to do, and which classes go well together.


Sieg is more useful with a pass than without one. He has limited projectiles, so being stuck inside the castle can make him a bit useless. With a pass, he can use his mobility to harass the attackers, and pick off individual people with Provoke. His Whirlwind Wave can stop people from attacking the gates also. He may also be useful against transformed limes with Blow, Whirlwind Wave and Iron Hammer.

Eir can be used to ressurect fellow pass holders, and her multi hit projectiles can be of help in killing people, and breaking the wood. Light Shield can also give other pass holders or herself an easy way to the wood.

Dainn can use BCB to help at the wood, and his projectiles to attack the attacking team.

Lime in a sense doesn't need a pass, as he can just use a skill to go through the castle walls. Outside, using his speed, he can be a sort of scout. With his transforms, he can get the wood.

!no knowledge of dacy!

Tia can be an astounding pass holder. Hide can be used to get around mostly unseen, to scout around, or take the wood. Tia is also extraordinarily fast, and her quick hitting attacks can easily break the wood.

!no knowledge of yuki!

Stealing Wood
Wood is located at the attacking team's spawn point. Wood is used to repair the gates, two(?) woods are used to repair one gate. To get wood, it must be broken, and then it will be dropped and can be picked up to be used in your inventory. Although, it can be picked up by the attacking team.

The pass holders do not always have to go for the wood. They may also look around, and get some information about what the attacking team is doing.

Second Phase, Defending Lord Andre
The attacking team has broken through, and is now going to kill Lord Andre. The goal of this phase is to defend Andre. Once Lord Andre is dead, the phase is over.

The Gates
Although a gate has been broken, it doesn't mean it should be deserted. The attacking team still needs to walk through it, and you can kill them as they try to pass through.

Lord Andre
He isn't very tough himself, so you'll need to defend him. He's a friendly NPC, so he can be healed by eirs. If a Sieg has Provoked him, Dainns can Ice Wall to stop Andre from following the Sieg.

The Beast
If all three locks have been destroyed, the boss from 5-3 will come out as a non friendly NPC to either side. He can be dangerous, as one of his attacks will butcher Andre. Refer to the attacking team section for his attacks.

!Final Phase, Drive Core Machine!
Lord Andre is dead, and one last gate is defending the Drive Core Machine. If the Drive Core is gone, the match is lost. Once this phase is over, the match ends.

Choke Points
The last gate creates a very useful choke point for the defending team to use, and two more corrdors that lead to the machine room.

Using the Choke Point

Sieg can use Whirlwind Wave, but he can also go outside the choke point, and harrass the attackers. He can pick some off, so the defending team at the choke point has less to deal with.

Eir can set up Moon Barrier, which will block the defending team. Eir also has many projectiles that can raise the multiplier and push away, and can res fallen teammates.

Dainn's Ice wall is very wide, and can help block the choke point. His FDH and other projectiles can be used to interrupt the defending team.

Tia can use Thunder Shock, and Midair prison. Like Sieg, she can go out and try to kill people.

Dacy can be extremely useful. Thunder Candy takes up the width of the choke point, and will push back the attacking team. Happy Dance can also do the same thing, acting as a safe barrier, while not pushing back.

Lime can set up jelly mines and freezing jellies to slow the attackers down.

!no knowledge of yuki!

The Drive Core Machine Room
This room has the Drive Core Machine, and two robots that guard it. The robots don't do much damage, but they can help disrupt the attacking team (sometimes messing up your combos or saving attackers). The room is fairly large, but can get hectic with both teams and robots fighting.

Random thoughts pertaining to battlefield

-sometimes I think the first phase doesn't really last that long. Gates can go down pretty fast if the attacking team concentrates on one. maybe if the all the pass holders gang up on the attacking team, but I havent seen that

-an all sieg team for defense seems a bit... awkward. I dunno what the 5 other siegs can do? sit at the gate and wait for phase 2?

-this isn't necessarily a "guide", and by that I mean you don't have to follow every word in this. I didn't cover everything. you can do alot of different stuff, I didn't really cover how to kill the enemy team indepth

-I didn't write alot on the defensive team because I found alot of stuff character specific, like defending from inside the gates, and I am a bit lazy to do that

-dainn and lime are really good for attacking... I feel like there might not be variety in teams, since those two take care of gates/andre/core easily. it'd be very useful to have two of each.....

DFO HD Videos Coming Soon!

great sword asura fo' life

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Yukis are good for defending. They are basically like a Dainn, and they have an ice orb that shoots out missiles of ice in all direction. Flinches, and deals damage. There's also Ice dragon heart, BCB, Some attack that freezes people in their tracks etc. There's also Ice Queen, and her ranged attacks are really useful inside the gate (if you hit them lol)


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