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06-11-2008   #21 (permalink)
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To theblueo: You realize that, while this is a PvP guide with PvP builds, this is also battle-oriented? So of course one's going to be healing in the midst of battle in stages and raids, and there are TEAM PVPS where there are Eirs on both team, and as such, healing restrictions are lifted. And unless you're doing private battles or "no rules" battles or something to that effect, healing is often disallowed; you're going to get banned quickly. And once again, Battle/PvP means that it's not only PvP, so you will need heals. And I emphasize that there are myriad cases in which my given restrictions are lifted.

To Yuui: Lol, thanks for reading carefully. x] And the "Don't Heal." part is just from my experience, since most every Eir gets banned from the room if she heals, unless there are certain conditions, such as the ones mentioned above and in the guide.
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06-11-2008   #22 (permalink)
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Let's see if I can't help you make this guide live up to its name. I used to know a thing or two about Eir PvP, retired now. This is your guide, not mine so I'll try and point out some major flaws and make some suggestions but you should research my claims for yourself and experience it first-hand.

Most of the sample combos you listed simply aren't very effective for the mana costs. The idea is to put your stronger skills up front then follow with either melee attacks only or melee and weak/low mana cost skills to buy time for cooldowns or regain some spent mana. Actually, I would not recommend using any of the combos you listed. They might be passable at very low levels but really, it's better to just use Tears outside of a combo than sticking it at the end of Holy Spirit. You should also probably never use AAAAA, combo or not. You have more air with AAAA, especially if you plan on doing something like AASAAAA dash AS Holy Spirit. You lose a bit of air, thus potential Holy Spirit hits by adding a fifth A. Speaking of which, that's the "get outta my face" combo, very useful for just about any situation and gives you plenty of time to regain some hp or mana with LoH or Price.

Having a note after SSA saying it can be replaced with AS, AAS or SSSA isn't a good idea either. Those combos are more than likely to fail if used with AAS (AS might work) and SSSA is just a terrible idea in general in PvP. Extra height is fine and all but it has even slower "cast" than SSA and less range.

Some of your "staples" really aren't. AAAS, for example, is one of the worst things you can do since you end up at a disadvantage when you use it even if you don't get interrupted between the third and fourth swings. You also left out AAAAS which does have some useful applications. "AA" should be a staple. You can use it for everything. AA will lead you into another (almost) guaranteed attack or skill. Wizards can BCB and Siegs can Play Dead but typically it's pretty safe to do AA > Skill. For example, AA Sleep, AA Dodge, AA Holy Spirit.

Dash AS is only an infinite juggle until you reach a wall (if your opponent is in the air when you do dash AS). Your opponent's reflexes have nothing to do with it since they no longer have control of their character once you've launched them. If they're not in the air, you should probably do something clever after dash AS like Holy Spirit, S-dash, or Pieces.

Dodge is pretty much the best skill in the entire game. Manageable cooldown times, NO CAST TIME, decent damage, low mana cost. Its utility only increases as its level increases. At around 6+, you can combo after it. At 7 or 8, it becomes usable with Tears or Holy Spirit for even more devastation. After a successful Dodge, just dash, turn Tears or simply turn AA dash AS Holy Spirit or simply *slight delay*, Holy Spirit. Decent damage and it's a "counter" to many attacks or combo attempts, especially against Tia players.

Include something in there about S+space, it can save your life sometimes or help to throw someone off or even to give you the opportunity to deal a lot of damage with Pieces.

Lastly, and don't take this as an insult, but a lot of your guide appears to be written from the perspective of someone who has little experience with PvP. I don't know just how much actual experience you have but I can definitely tell that your experience with Eir in PvP has been (at the most) in low level matches. You're going to either need 1) a major revision once you get high level or 2) split this guide into a high level guide and a low level guide based on your own experiences.
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06-12-2008   #23 (permalink)
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true, for a moment i thought this was an all round guide. considering you have added in "PVP" then yes i agree that the stronger skills shud come first to avoid the damage decay.

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