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01-13-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default FAQ: Basics of Dainn in PvP

This FAQ is meant to cover the basics of making/playing a Dainn for PvP and introduce some intermediate techniques for PvP combat. This, by no means, is meant to be an in-depth guide/FAQ on playing a Dainn. The content in this FAQ may differ from the opinions of some, as it is really based on each individual's playstyle, but I tried to keep it rather general.

Dainn Setup:

What is the best stat for PvP?
There's no real variety in stat builds when it comes to PvP in my opinion. I personally see no better stat for PvP than VIT.

What is the best PvP build? Which skills are useless?
Skill builds are really based on personal preference, as it really depends on your play style, but there are a few skills that are less favorable than others. Boulder, Concentration, Deadly Magic Blow, and any of the Bless skills aren't ones that I would really get for PvP.

What skills can be left at 1?
A number of skills for Dainn are useful even at level 1. Such skills include, but are not limited to: Deadly Magic Blow, Fury of the Land, Hand of Earth, Land Giant's Fist, Ocean of Fire, Pillar of Abyss, Pillar of Ice, Fire Dragon's Heart, and Bitter Cold Breath. This does not mean that they should be left at Level 1, but simply that they can be left at 1 and still be useful.

Dainn Gameplay:

What is "autostep" and what is it good for?

Autostep is preformed by quickly pressing 776 or 116 when facing right, 334/994 when facing left, etc. This allows for Dainn, and Dainn only, to cancel attacks and skills that are cancelable just about instantly, and allows for the standing AA attack string as well. This is very useful for juggling, such as: 2x Firebomb (wall), autostep, AA, dash AS, HandofEarth, etc...

Is Dainn the worse in melee out of the characters?

By no means is Dainn the worst in melee. While he can't do any impressive melee combos, his range and attack speed of his attacks are quite respectable. Dainn has the best Dash AS attack from my experience, as it is fast, wide and has impressive range. Every Dainn should learn to take advantage of his excellent melee range/speed, but be very careful of attack delays. My personal favorite attack strings are standing AA, and dash AS.

When is the best time to use AoE?
Generally, the best time to use an AoE is when someone is being defensive and is trying to keep a safe distance from you. This applies to both Dainns and Eirs, but Dainn has another advantage on nearly guaranteeing to hit someone with an AoE attack, and that's with the use of Fire Orb. Pop out Fire Orb and use your AoEs when they run away from the fire trails. If you can do it fast enough, you can maybe even use Ocean of Fire and make them get hit by the trails as well, then use Fury of the Land after to snare and deal more damage.

What do I do when I run out of mana?
While Dainn relies almost entirely on mana for his damage, he has the tools to recover his mana almost safely. A couple effective ways that one can do to regenerate mana is use Fire Orb then S Charge, or use Fire Dragon's Heart and S Charge. However, this situation should never happen to begin with as you always want some mana as backup. You should always try to keep your manapool above 25% in case you don't have the option of recovering mana safely.

How can I deal more damage in combos? (Resetting Damage Reduction)
Dainn has three spells that enable him to prolong his combos, as well as reset Damage Reduction, which are Pillar of Ice, Land Giant's Fist, and Pillar of Abyss(Level 4+). To effectively reset a damage reduction and continue a combo is to cast one of these three spells so it hits your opponent just as they touch the ground, launching them into the air again from a grounded state. A simple example of this would be: AA dash AS Abyss IceRain dash IcePillar dash AS ColdDragon

I'm so slow, how do I catch up to someone who's running?
To catch someone who is constantly on the move, you can do a variety of things. In addition to positioning (forcing someone to run toward a wall/corner) a Dainn can cast either Ocean of Fire, Fury of the Land, Fire Dragon's Heart, or Fire Orb. The idea is to block off or catch an opponent as they try to move to safety. A few examples are as follows:

Ocean of Fire - Cast where you think someone will run to. It will either catch them in it, which will slow them down, or force them to head in another open direction where you can intercept them.

Fire Dragon's Heart - A long duration spell of annoyance. Use this spell's range to your advantage. It can easily block off more than a quarter of City Arena, forcing your opponent either into the corner, or limit their options of where to run.

Fire Orb - Fire this at someone, especially if they are near a wall. This will force them to run away from it, making it easy to intercept them with a combo or spell.

Fury of the Land - This AoE has such a large range and snare effect that you can catch someone in this and snare them so they are either forced to dispel (healers with Light of Puri), or are left running slower.

Why is Firebomb good and how can I combo with it?
Firebomb is one of Dainn's best spells for comboing. With high damage, fast cooldown, and quick canceling, firebomb can be used after many attacks to prolong a juggle. The best time to use a Firebomb in a combo is early on so it doesn't suffer from damage reduction (since it can do a lot of damage). It is also best to try and use it in a wall juggle because it allows for the Firebomb to hit twice instead of being forced to cancel it after 1.

You can cancel Firebomb right after the first shot is fired, which is the key to comboing. A simple example is as follows: AA dash AS Abyss IceRain dash AS Firebomb(1shot) dash AS HandofEarth dash AS etc...
Take note that with this combo you need to be aware of the air time on the target, as Firebomb can easily go under the target if you catch them too early after Icicle Rain.

Hand of Earth is so weak, what is it good for in PvP?
While Hand of Earth doesn't necessarily hurt very much, it can easily be used in combos and actually has a better effect on combos than Firebomb. Hand of Earth, which normally is a pushback spell, actually pushes the target further into the air, giving more air time to combo. Hand of Earth is also instantly cancelable, allowing for easy direction shifts and dashes. A combo of how to use a Hand of Earth to prolong a combo can be found in the Firebomb section, but here is another combo with a different effect from Hand of Earth:
AA dash AS HandofEarth halfdash AA AAS dash AS Firebomb(1hit) dash AS etc...

Is Ice Barrier useful in PvP?
Ice Barrier was obviously designed as a staging skill, and is quite possibly the best staging skill in the game. However, there are a few uses of Ice Barrier in PvP such as for blocking someone who is chasing you, to trap someone in a corner (situational and difficult), and to block someone's escape route, which can be used in conjunction with spells such as Fire Orb and Fire Dragon's Heart. An example of an offensive Ice Barrier use would be as follows:

Suppose you juggle someone into a corner and you decide to end your combo with something such as Icicle Rain or Cold Blue Dragon (something with lots of air time). If you manage to somehow have an Ice Barrier placed to the side, blocking one full side of the possible escape routes, you can either catch someone in the corner as there is only one way to get out, or use something such as Fire Orb/Fire Dragon's Heart at the only opening to the corner in order to get in some free damage and lock your opponent in for another combo. This tactic is very unlikely to happen against a skilled opponent as it would take quite a bit of time to prepare the setup, but it is possible.

Overall, even though Ice Barrier is most impressive in stages, it still has quite a few uses in PvP if applied correctly.

Why is Pillar of Abyss good? Why do most people use Icicle Rain or AA AAS after?
Pillar of Abyss is the staple to many combos. The reason for this is because Abyss sets your opponent up for almost any combo you can think of. The combos of choice of combo starters seem to be Abyss IceRain and Abyss halfdash AA AAS. The main reason one would start with AA dash AS Abyss IceRain is to allow for a comboable Icicle Rain that deals a large amount of damage, not to mention that you can continue comboing even after the Icicle Rain with attacks such as dash AS Firebomb. However, why do some people do AA dash AS Abyss halfdash AA AAS? There are a few possible reasons, but the primary reasons that would come to mind are space and cooldowns.

Icicle Rain has a longer cooldown than Abyss, meaning that there may be times when you have Abyss available but not Icicle Rain, so you would have to use a different combo. If you don't want to use something like AA dash AS ColdDragon, and want to conserve some mana, then AA dash AS Abyss halfdash AA AAS is a good choice, because it allows for a combo chain that doesn't take too much mana, as it is more melee oriented than spell oriented. Another reason to use this combo starter is due to space, such as if your opponent is somewhat close to a wall when you begin to juggle them, it is best to avoid using Icicle Rain because most of the hits may not even hit your target, which would allow him to fall and recover, ending your combo and potentially leading to a hard counter.

There are many other uses to Pillar of Abyss, such as using it for direction shifts and to extend a combo rather than using it in the beginning. The best thing to do is to play around with Pillar of Abyss, learn some combos with it, find the pros and cons, then use them to best fit your own personal style of play.

When should I use Bitter Cold Breath?
Bitter Cold Breath is a powerful skill that Dainns receive at level 41. This skill is easily one of the best defensive skills out of any class, due to the fact that it provides invulnerability for the full duration, and has a large area attack that freezes and even hurts grounded targets. BCB requires careful usage since it has a long cooldown time. Naturally, one way to use it is to use it defensively, such as when you're about to get hit by a Tornado or Flash Fate. However, BCB can also be used offensively, and quite effectively in fact.

To use Bitter Cold Breath offensively, one of the best ways is to juggle your opponent into a corner, then use it. BCB's radius is so large that it should affect almost your entire screen (1280x1024 reso), freezing your opponent in his/her tracks and dealing a significant amount of damage. If you manage to catch your opponent, you can charge at them and catch them with a dash AS just as they get out of the freezing effect, launching them into the air for a free combo.

However, there are a few things to watch out for when using Bitter Cold Breath. One thing to watch out for is to know how your opponent recovers from a knockdown. If you use it on a knocked down opponent who waits to get up, be sure to wait a bit before using BCB so they cannot do their wakeup attack just as it goes off. BCB freezes your opponent in the middle of whatever they're doing, so they will continue their wakeup attack after the freezing effect wears off, which would then hit you if you decided to go in for the offense. Another thing to watch out is to avoid using BCB on weak attacks that aren't necessarily all too threatening to your match. You should also keep an eye on where your opponent is, and how they move, as a BCB can be easily wasted if the opponent just simply runs out of its range.

How do I wall combo as a Dainn?
Comboing in a straight line as a Dainn is fairly easy; but what do you do when you hit a wall? While Dainn's melee attacks aren't necessarily the greatest for comboing, there are still a few things one could do:

- Firebomb against a wall hits twice, which is great for additional damage and can really put a nice dent in someone's spirits, plus you can continue to combo them afterwards.
- Hand of Earth against a wall simply pushes someone higher, allowing for a longer melee juggle and an easy direction switch so you can combo the person along the wall, which is much easier than comboing someone against it.
- Pillar of Abyss serves the same purpose as Hand of Earth. It provides a lot of air time and allows for an easy direction switch for your combo.
- Autostepping is particularly affective against a wall if you manage to learn how to do it fast enough, as it allows you to fit in an additional 2-6 hits depending on your position and the height of the target.
- Cold Blue Dragon is another great spell against the wall because it will be guaranteed to hit 3 times and can give a direction switch if positioned well.
- Ice Pillar, just as it works anywhere else, can pick someone up against a wall so you can continue your combo and reset your damage reduction.
- Land Giant's Fist serves the same purpose as Pillar of Ice but it provides less air time and must be canceled in order to pick up the combo. Here's an example, but it's pretty bad, I'll get a better one sometime: get the idea. I'm sure there's more ways to deal with wall combos, but the best bet for a Dainn is to try and shift the direction for a better combo. Wall combos tend to be shorter for Dainns, but here is a simple one that doesn't involve a direction shift:
AA dash AS Firebomb autostep AA autostep AA autostep AA dash AS HandofEarth <<> AA autostep AA autostep AA Abyss etc...(this combo requires good control on autostep and positioning)

Here's a sample of what it would look like at first, but I messed up toward the end. I'll get a better video sometime.
IGN: Kismet - Level 60 Tia

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wow.... nice.

ill try this when im on my noob dain =D

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