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Aimee 11-30-2009 01:38 PM

Prisma Creativity thread is meant for art, videos, drawings, photo's... Things you've made by yourself, be creative! Have fun and show us your skills!

Mums 11-30-2009 01:41 PM

Sexy thread gogo!

Aimee 11-30-2009 01:51 PM

A few times me and Vikta got bored.. creative lmao, and went picture crazy! Have fun~
(We took it in turns to say a subject etc. I’ll put vik’s picture then mine within each subject. Theyre not in order of when we drew them, coz tbh i can’t remember) 8D

• Subject: Bear drinking beer

• Subject: Cow riding a bike

• Subject: Pig playing golf

• Subject: Mouse eating a finger

• Subject: Monkey raping a hamburger

• Subject: Eachother

• Subject: A dead Teddy

• Subject: Rocking Rock

I dun have my one for this lmao, i hated it, i didn’t no how 2 fill color 8D

• Subject: A panda eating sushi [over msn]

• Subject: A goth who lurves candy 8D

• Subject: My dad (lol)

• Subject: A Knight

• Subject: A smoking goat

Aimee 11-30-2009 01:52 PM

(There were too many pictures for one post 8D lmao)

• K these are from MSN:

Viktors hamster being run over by its running wheel [didn’t save my ones]

Viktors Lizard eating a lightbulb

Viktors flying turtle

• Some presents for vikta on msn lmao:

I lol’d.

• The gurl that haunted Dani’s and my MSN window

Esper 11-30-2009 01:53 PM

Does this count? It's still an art program to create it. >:

Dino pet & Me!

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 11-30-2009 01:57 PM

Everything counts! LMAO aimee, the gurl who haunted us still haunts us!

Also! cute drawing lmao, I wish I could draw >:

Mums 11-30-2009 02:03 PM

Some pics Aimee didn't save 8D

Subject: Cat eating dog

Subject: Eel raping fish

Aimee's turtle and lizard:

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 11-30-2009 02:05 PM

Lmao at the last one, Viktor blushing 8D where is the 4some drawing? WE NEED IT.

Mums 11-30-2009 02:05 PM


Aimee eating cream egg

Aimee feeding me a cream egg 8D


Aimee 11-30-2009 02:07 PM

Oh yah lmao! I didnt save it in the end, coz Khai said he had it saved automatically or something, lets hope he does 8D lmaooo

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 11-30-2009 02:07 PM

Lmao vik saved it too! yay

Mums 11-30-2009 02:08 PM

I like Aimee's goat 8D

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 11-30-2009 02:09 PM

Dani > Vik > Aimee > Khai? 8D

Muscular Aimee!

Mums 11-30-2009 02:10 PM

Esper 11-30-2009 02:10 PM

There was text around it but I cropped it out for safety reasons.

Aimee 11-30-2009 02:10 PM

Lol yah that was the order! 8D Dani with ur horny head lmao.

& i like how vik is in that pic, but i made myself so deformed

Aimee 11-30-2009 02:11 PM

Hawt Mirae!

Mums 11-30-2009 02:12 PM

Lmao notti pictures 8D

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 11-30-2009 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by Mirae (Post 1074277)
There was text around it but I cropped it out for safety reasons.

Lmao you should color it! 8D Cream everywhere. :py45: :py45:

Esper 11-30-2009 02:15 PM

I forgot to mention that I forgot the eyebrows. x.x
I don't even know if I still have the original drawing.

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