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Mums 04-18-2009 03:44 PM

Once upon a time, Viktor was a poor farmer and he only had two cows left, he decided to travel trough the country in order to make some money. After many months, he arrived at Squarestreet 22 where he met Taka. Viktor got whispered in his ear "Want to come with me?" Viktor couldn't say no. So he started following Taka and then...

It's your duty to continue this story, this can go endlessly and you can add anything you like.
You are allowed to add pictures in order to make your section of the story more exciting!

Naps 04-18-2009 04:21 PM

a man called naps jumped out of a museum and screamed "mummies!" As yoba and vic looked inside, they saw a group of mummies slowly walking towards them. Terrified, they ran after naps into the dark alleyway.

(this is like that rpg thing on ML)

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 04-18-2009 04:39 PM

But it turned out that Naps was a mummy himself! Mums and Yoba started crying their asses off while Naps was attacking like a wild mummy.

(Kay, seriously going to sleep now ~_~)

Mums 04-19-2009 03:14 AM

Suddenly there was a big bang! The air was filled with smoke and dust, and a big man-like thing appeared out of the smoke and dust and said..

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 04-19-2009 03:18 AM

"I only want Viktor" and stared at Vik, Yoba didn't accepted that and started kicking the giant man-like thing, (that didn't do any damage) but suddenly Drak appeared...

Khai 04-19-2009 04:55 AM

he fused with the big man and the big man went even bigger. Naps was like....

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 04-19-2009 05:02 AM

Naps was super mad and started throwing rotten tomatoes towards the Big Fat Drak-like thing, the big Drak couldn't stand the rotten smell and got a little smaller, while Mums started sucking on his pacifier, But...

Khai 04-19-2009 05:07 AM

it went wrong.. Vik sucked to hard o.o... and went KO and drak quikly de-fused with the big man and went into vikkies body. Yoba....

Mums 04-19-2009 05:07 AM

Liked the new Drak-vik-thingy really much and tried to rape it and then..

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 04-19-2009 05:12 AM

A comet fell on both of them...

Mums 04-19-2009 05:16 AM

But they survived, and now they have super powers! When Dino descovered her new powers she...

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 04-19-2009 05:19 AM

Used her super charged Dino-beam on the fused Drak and Mums to un-fuse them, she grabbed Mums and flew far away from Drak...

Mums 04-19-2009 05:38 AM

Drak got pissed off and shouted ''Raaaaaaawr!''. He tried to jump after them but then..

Khai 04-19-2009 05:45 AM

KhaiL threw his "klompen" to draks head and then..

Mums 04-19-2009 06:01 AM

Drak dodges the klompen and it hits a mummy instead. Khail gets really scared and..

Khai 04-19-2009 06:05 AM

saw mummy turning into a monster...and threw his last klomp and ran away...

Aimee 04-19-2009 09:56 AM

Mummy hops out of the way of the klomp, and eats it.

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 04-19-2009 09:59 AM

But suddenly he started choking in it, Then the sexy babe Aimee appeared and spanked his butt, so he didn't choke anymore, Yoba got jealous and jumped on Aimee.

Aimee 04-19-2009 10:03 AM

Aimee gave Yoba a pony ride.

GV8J6SDK29ASJH0D 04-19-2009 10:05 AM

Yoba was happy and got off Aimee, together they went buying cake and had some tea.

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