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ptrickchao 09-02-2010 06:47 AM

Ptrickchao's Guide for pure AP buff
Hey there person trying to become a Pure Ap Buffalo(Gladiator)

Heres the down-low on guide.

Ap:How Hard you hit
Ac:How Accurate you hit
Dx:Its how fast you can attack

Mp:Lets you use your skills
Ma:How hard you hit with spells
Md:Its what allows you to block magic attacks

Wt:How much you can carry
Da:Better digging capability
Lk:Helps with Critical hits and blocking

Hp:The amount of health you will have
Dp:Helps block physical attacks
Hv:Helps you to dodge attacks

4114:Standard build for power types
4213:More Mp and Md
4123:More Lk and Wt

Go with 4114 >_>
65% = .65, 150% = 1.50<----Formula for power skills
1st Job:
Shockwave lvl 2(should get to 10 or mastered eventually)
bullseye lvl 5(mastered eventually)
Pumping heart lvl5(mastered evenutally)

2nd Job:
Berserker lvl3(optional)
Piercing Wave lvl 5(master this for Chi Sword)
Laceator lvl3(master if you want)

3rd Job:
Here is where you can learn whatever you want.
I will be learning Chi Sword at TM lvl 170
*Note:This is my first guide so don't just turn away from it

BdangGONcorn 02-23-2011 07:11 PM

just a little input.... I have a 4222 build lvl 300 gladiator...and i think its an over looked complaints :) in bossing or watever u want lol it all comes down to myshop or boss eqps anyways hhahaa

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