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Default KhmEr2K1d5's buffalo skill build

Khmer2k1d5's guide:
Originally Posted by Khmer2k1d5
Version History
09-22-06 Unfinished
10-17-06 Deleted Buffalo, No 2nd Job
03-25-07 Restart, Experimented Own Skill Build
06-13-07 Reached 2nd Job and Finished Skill Build
07-28-07 Reached LV100@ 1:53:43 AM
11-23-07 3rd Job! Whoot! ^o^;;
11-25-07 Got more points, I added more things...
02-18-08 I'm gonna do it all again; 1st Job WT
02-19-08 Rest of WT ;o
03-22-08 Fuzz' correction?

Khmer2k1d5's Buffalo Build

1st Job
Skill LV|Skill Name     |
Master  |Burning Rave   | 13
Master  |Pumping Heart  | 15
Master  |Shockwave      | 12
          Total TM Used | 40
LV 1- LV 50
First job's a breeze, sort of. Just get straight through [Episode 0]. By then, most likely you'd be at least LV 25. Then you'd just kill, kill, kill. Get Burning Rave the first chance you get, it's an essential asset to your low LV life and will help in the killing process. Not much to kill on in Desert Beach, so I recommend you head straight out of there and into [SE Forest]. Whack everything in sight alone until you reach LV 31. By then, you'll have a high enough TMLV to learn/master Pumping Heart. Don't master it just yet! LV it up so you can use it (E.G- Don't LV it up to use 200MP if you have only 190 MP.) Then, find yourself a ROYAL/SPECIAL Party. They'll be of most use to you to gain easy EXP. By the time you're LV 35+, head out past [SW Forest] and start training at [Path to Oops Wharf]. I know, "LV 65+ monsters, won't I die?" Well, you might. If that's a problem for you then you can always head to [Path to Caballa Relics]. By the time you hit LV 50, you may or may not have TMLV 40. If you don't, I recommend you dig, for the [Best NPC on Caballa Island] quest items, I know a hassle. Now go get your [2nd Job]!
2nd Job
Master  |Faint          | 4
Master  |Shockvibe      | 12
Master  |Piercing Wave    | 15
LV10    |Lacerator      | 12
Master  |Tidal Slash    | 15
          Total TM Used | 58
             Altogether | 98
LV 50- LV 120+
Grinding gets harder here. Your only options are to stay in Path to Oops Wharf, or head to [Path to Black Swamp]. When you hit LV 60, definitely head to Black Swamp Guild Office and do the [Electric Snail Quest] 25 times ^^;; I know, it seems like a lot of work, but it's and easy 9+ LVs if you keep a SPECIAL/ROYAL Party. Once you're LV 75-80, I assumer you're ready to hit the big leagues, head straight for [Swamp Field 6]! Kill [Arachnes] like there's no tomorrow! Kill Kill Kill! Then, sooner than you'd know it, you're LV 110-120! Now, head on over to [Path to Snow Hill] if you're up to it! You can head here during the early LV 100+ but you'd better be safe than sorry ;o Kill Kill Kill again! Once you're LV 130, you'll just be like, "Damn! I need a better place to LV!" No worries! [Snow Field 3] is just around the... snow field. Kill on [Santa Bears] until you are TMLV 120+. Yes, Santa Bears are the worst source of TMEXP, but the best EXP in SF3. Just do it. Once you're LV 130+ TMLV120+ You better hunt for that Harkon! If you can't find one, or afford one for the matter. NO WORRIES AT ALL! Not many skill whatsoever. Just... 2 Attack Skills if you're going [Pure], and a few 1v1 Skills if [Hybrid]. Just be patient ;o All you'll need is Piercing Wave, Tidal Slash, and Inferno Blade if they all can OHKO Santa Bears! If you don't want to fight Santa Bears... Fight something that you can kill fast at least ^^;; Kill [Kilamanjaros] or maybe even [Deku's]. Either way GL on 3rd Job!
3rd Job
Skill LV|Skill Name     |
Master  | Inferno Blade | 16
Master  | Sonic Slash   | 16
Master  | Bull's Eye    | 13
          Total TM Used | 45
             Altogether | 157
LV 150+
Well, assuming you have a great Elemental Compounded weapon, I say head straight for [Tapasco Field 1]! You'll be here for a while ^^;; I have nothing else to say, so toodles.
Feel free to post here about questions on skills or anything else. If you'd like more info on skills I'd recommend you head straight for [Cujo's Ultimate Buffalo Guide].
Credits are where Credits are due:
- Talby, first Buffalo to... be cool on MT until he quit.
- Trickster wiki
- All those eTO Buffalo out there ;o
- My mom ^^
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Just another Asian.
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Lol, yay for you! Hehe, those likes are outdated as of 1 hour ago Q___Q
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wow, little love for pure buffalos. Now all the guides for them are preety much dead beat. Not even the outdated ones can help them now...


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