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Default Champion's PvP Guide

Champion's PvP guide.

0.0 Forewords.

1.1 Dueling fellow Champions
1.2 Dueling Mercenary or Duelist
1.3 Dueling Gladiator

2.1 Dueling Priests or Light Witch
2.2 Dueling Dark Lord or Dark Witch
2.3 Dueling Soul Master

3.1 Dueling Thief Master
3.2 Dueling Scientist
3.3 Dueling Hunter Lord or Cyber Hunter

4.1 Dueling HV or HP Charm
4.2 Dueling AP Charm

5.1 Debuffs
5.2 Final Words

0.0 Forewords.First off, know that AC will be your best friend in PvP, and HP too in some cases. Flash Cut, Mega Flash Cut and Flaming Fist i can't really give any pointers on cuz i havent got them to work well due to TM or EQ. I PvP often but im not that good, so take that into account. Usual gear with buffs, lv19x/18x, ~10k AP, ~600 AC, ~20k HP,~80LK, ~200HV.
Note: i find uppercut more accurate than tetra or quad. So you may want to use this if your tetra or quad wont hit and you are still alive or re-dueling. of course, its useless without counter.

Another thing, these are just based on my experience in PvP, you can probably know more if you spend some time there, so you might not want to waste time reading this. But i think i started spending/wasting hours there since around level 100 xD. Also, they dont quite apply to GvG, not that i ever GvG, but they are very different from what i know. Oh, and excuse me for the bad formatting, grammar etc.

1.1 Dueling fellow Chanpions: at perhaps 200+, you both will have FF, so you could either try HP gear and attempt to survive one hit, probably need like 35k HP(? Unsure of its dmg) Or, at lower levels without FF, it's mostly about timing. You are both hitting at each other's guards, so ready a tetra and count 5 blocks from enemy guard. When those 5 passes immediately release the tetra, unless you got really crap AC and good HV for your enemy, you win. Another strategy used is to recast guard before it runs out. Personally i dont ever do that though i have fought people who do. Dont like it, feels like cheating.

1.2 Dueling Mercenary or Duelist: of course, FF is the obvious choice for high levels. But take into account that some of them can have very good HP. For the enemy, they are likely to use faint first. Apart from getting 100+ lk and maybe 200+ hv, nothing else you can do really. As far as im aware, faint has a success rate of 60%. So while they try casting that you are trying to break their guard, if it hits, you are pretty much done for unless you got maybe 40k HP. Or they are done for.

1.3 Dueling Gladiator: they use a similar method to Duelists and Mercenaries. But bear in mind they usually have even better HP than those two. But tetra should handle it as long as you have decent AP and AC.

2.1 Dueling Priests or Light Witch: my favourite, lol. Most set off with AR attack, if you can withstand that, one tetra does the job, provided AC and AP. The tetra hits through the shield and kills their usually uber low HP (some i see are like 3k). Sometimes they can set off an aoe and hits you a bit then AR, unless you got high HP or sprint you are done for. Light Witches may try to immobilize you with electro or the ice shard thingy. Get 100+ lk they are usually instantly disabled. So just tetra next. About rust, i never had that used on me in dueling similar leveled mages. When messing about with high leveled ones (250+) they kill off about 8k my AP, but this shouldnt be a worry to you.

2.2 Dueling Dark Lord or Dark Witch: the best thing to do here is FF, but if you dont have that, go HP and limit your dmg. If you tetra them you on AP mode you are likely to kill yourself on them. I avoid dueling them. But it's fun to just maximise AP and hit them xD. So HP is your best option here, not taking rust into account.

2.3 Dueling Soul Master: im not clear on this. From what i know of their skills - advanced levels of elemental skills, i assume the tetra would do it.

3.1 Dueling Thief Master: biggest problem is their hide and poison pouch if they have it. With guard up they cant hit you fast enough, cuz they hit then hide immediately. One tip, before they hide, quickly click a tetra on them at relatively close range, as long as they dont run too far, tetra will be used even if they are in hide mode. So a sprint will be helpful due to the auto-chase. They have good lk, but some decent AC will easily do.

3.2 Dueling Scientist: when they duel bunnys they tend to use hv eq, so AC needed again. Although i have heard of a lion with 50k HP and 9xx HV x.x when you go up against a demi-god, theres no strategy to help. Otherwise, lions on AC or LK EQ are to be pwned with tetra.
Note: they attack fast though, two hot keys = beserk and spree, all in a second or two, and double shot only takes off one block from guard.

3.3 Dueling Hunter Lord or Cyber Hunter: I rarely see hunter lords, and never seen one in PvP, with guns anyway. Either way, they'll try HV too if they can get it, which will then rely on your AC. Otherwise it's easy.

(charm types are assorted in common builds and not jobs due to their similarity in attacks.)

4.1 Dueling HV or HP Charm: personally i never duel them. I can handle the ones around my level with a tetra if i get it out. But any 210+ i never even tried. 210 is a big breakthrough in EQ thanks to ntreev's myhax EQ level. Best i tried are on ~500HV and i can hit all four tetras no problem. But then again, if they decide to spam skunk, your chances are slim. So again, AC is very important here to even hit, HP will be needed if you dont want to die in two card strikes.

4.2 Dueling AP Charm: with these it's usually pretty easy, but they still have some pretty decent HV. Some just cast buffs and go evo, remember they hit REALLY fast, it's like a 3* increase in attack speed, not dx, attack speed. They kill guard in no time, so hit fast. Some might try skunk first then evo, but that only gains them a little bit of time, it usually makes no difference unless the fight gets dragged out.

5.1 Debuffs: now, at low levels, this may be helpful. But at higher levels, this will be useless for you unless you have hax HP and can make a fight last ages cuz it's mostly one hit fights for my bunny.

5.2inal Words.
All credits to meeeee 8D
again, im not very good, perhaps a little above average for my level. So take various things into account.
Throughout this, my key focus on skills are guard and tetra, a combo somewhat frowned upon by mostly gladiators (they are just jealous cuz they dont have it =.=; i know a certian individual who (gladiator) calls me useless and that i hide behind guard and just tetra, but when he went on his bunny, he did the same thing xD). Skills such as skunk are disliked by other classes, but i find it fair due to it being one of their skills, if i cant beat it then i lose, i dont complain about it; also, at my lower levels i used to melee duel light mages a lot, they constantly re-casted Shield of Heaven but i never complained. So i hope no one criticises me for this guide's use of guard and tetra. But feel free to point out errors i made and anything to make up what i didnt include.
Lastly, i want to point out again how again important AC is. You might consider adding pts to AC, but i wont go that far. With my AC, i miss LOADS with FC (lv3, maybe gets better with level?). So get AC! 15k AP and 1k AC should be the average target of someone who wants to have great attacks, but you'll prob end up with less than 20k HP x.x and take level into account, as i said, 210 is a EQ change stage.
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