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ExiledFayt 09-05-2009 11:54 AM

ExiledFayt's (Yes a new user's) Pure PvP/Boss Bunny Skill Build.
~ExiledFayt's PvP/Boss Bunny Skill Build~
Notes!: TM Level reffers to the level that you will obtain the skill in this skill build. Then the name
reffers to the skill you will obtain in that certain level and the number in the parathesis shows you how many points you will have left. If I have made a mistake, Please let me know. Also note this is very similar to Kyzuumi's Skill build. I have personally tried this build out (Well a more point consuming one, but mostly the same to this).
TM Level 1, Steel Punch
TM Level 1-20, Save Points (20)
TM Level 20, Level 10 Burning Rave Level (9)
TM Level 21-25, Save Points (14)
TM Level 25, Level 10 Pumping Heart (2)
TM Level 26-45, Save Points (20)
TM Level 45, Level 10 Hyper Beat, Level 6 Bull's Eye (0)
TM Level 46-49, Save Points (4)
TM Level 46-49, Level 7-10 Bull's Eye (0)
TM Level 50-55, Save Points (9)

TM Level 55, Learn Dash (6)
TM Level 56-85, Save TM Points (36)
TM Level 85, Level 10 Quad Punch (24)
TM Level 85, Level 10 Upper Smash, Level 10 Upper Cut (0)
TM Level 86-110, Save Points (25)
TM Level 110, Level 10 Guard (12)
TM Level 111-120, Save Points (22)
TM Level 120, Level 10 Tetra Punch Level 10 (9)

TM Level 121-130, Save Points (19)
TM Level 130, Master Adrenaline, Level 1 Counter Punch (0)
TM Level 131-140, Save Points (10)
TM Level 131-140, Level 2-10 Counter Punch (0)
TM Level 141-153, Save Points (13)
TM Level 143-153, Level 1-10 Flash Cut (0)
TM Level 154-165, Save Points (12)
TM Level 157-165, Level 1-10 Eagle Eye (0)
Comments: Unless your planning to go all the way up to 200+ TM, Then I believe this skill build is one of the best in terms of balance of skills and power with huge ammounts of buffs to really hit high on players in PvP which is fun and killing bosses in 5-10 hits and becoming rich which is also fun. Please also do not say without mastered Counter Punch or any other agreesive skill, your bunny will become very weak. That is NOT true. I made this build so I could get Counter Punch and Eagle Eye as fast as possible without leaving out the necessary skills for a Bunny at low levels. I believe this build works great as you will be able to PvP in the early levels (Early as in level 150+). And also, Please do not claim this to be a Copy+Pasted post from another forums, because it's not.

Esper 09-05-2009 11:59 AM

There is something you need to realize between mastering and not mastering skills. The ability to possibly make your skills from 2hko to a 1hko.
For example. Adrenaline gives 20% AP at level 10 but 26% at Mastered. That extra 6% can make a huge difference.
Another example is Flaming Fist. The magnification ratio goes from 460% to 530%. That makes a different as well.
[ I am not going to list out all the skills that have a better increase when Mastered ]

Mastering skills have a purpose and it's to do what I just said, which is changing a 2hko to a 1hko.

Side note: Have you personally tested out this build yourself?

ExiledFayt 09-05-2009 12:03 PM

I understand that, but mastering skills also slows down your growth to your next skill. I do understand that mastering skills could help from 2 Hit KO to 1 Hit KO, But the difference is, High level skills like Flaming Fist takes 3 points or other skills even take 4. This really sets you back in early TM levels (Level 100-150). So I decided to start mastering skills that give a huge amount of extra attack at TM 150+.

And yeah, I did tested this out, but I did get help and pointers, etc.

Esper 09-05-2009 12:05 PM

Very well.
If players want to stop between TM174 - 180, they could follow this build. Eventually, players will go past that TM and master everything they learned.

ExiledFayt 09-05-2009 12:08 PM

Very true. If bunnies do go beyond this point, They will need to master agressive skills like Counter Punch and Flaming fist. I personally haven't been beyond this point or anywhere near the end. I've only heard of certain tips and tricks about bunnies and how easily they can make money and kill in PvP, so I decided to try it. This is a guide I put together after asking a lot of my friends who play and others who have high level bunnies.

Queen 09-05-2009 12:20 PM

I agree that it's pointless to master most buffs before 3rd job. However, afterwords, as you gain way better equips and stats, having everything mastered is to your advantage. After you change to 3rd job and get your build mostly squared out, you really need to start mastering just about everything.

I've had no problems with my build ever, except maybe the possible omission of Flaming Fist, as without insane myshop you can't really do much with it.

I also want to point out why you'd need Eagle Eye and Counter Punch so soon. You don't need those skills until you want to kill Count, around level ~170, which it's better to master the buffs you need for PvM (Pumping, Adrenaline, and Bull's Eye)

However, I do commend the low TM usage of this build. The only major difference from mine is the build after 3rd job.

ExiledFayt 09-05-2009 12:31 PM

Yeah. I only wanted Eagle Eye so soon because of the HUGE advantage you get in PvP/Bosses. And if you have Lions in your party, You could really buff up their attack. And also, With Counter Punch I can really kill easily with the unbalanced damage on the skill.

Queen 09-05-2009 12:44 PM

The point I'm trying to make is you probably don't need Eagle Eye until the 170s. My build I have it around TM level 187 (easily achievable at around base level 165/170ish with Fiesta zones). Course, no build is fixed and etched in stone. Why I believe it's best to wait on Eagle Eye and focus on what helps you in PvM (and having 4 buffs for PvM I've found pointless and overly MP consuming). I'm not trying to bash your build, but you're really pushing for a PvP build for a really low level, when around level 180-190 is where you'll get good enough myshop to really compete in PvP. And for a PvP build, I notice it lacks of lot of debuffs (Luck breaker, faint, etc)

I onno, that turned into a small ramble x: I don't PvP so my knowledge runs thin there, but I've also heard that Luck Breaker and other debuffs helps with bossing too. I've been working on getting the TM for those myself, I feel uncomfortable personally throwing skills into a build that I have yet to test.

ExiledFayt 09-05-2009 12:52 PM

I definitely agree that getting Eagle Eye and Counter Punch early is a bit of a off track, But as I have stated, I haven't made it this far yet. I built this skill build as a way to keep it somewhere and easily be able to find it. I will try to update this when I get the chance, but this is purely off of what I heard about bunnies. And I only put Eagle Eye and Counter Punch in because I get bored a lot from grinding xD. I will update this probably in this week or so. I have to go over seas to a University at the end of this month, so yeah.

ExiledFayt 09-05-2009 01:03 PM

Btw, Does that look better?

james 09-07-2009 01:00 PM

The new layout looks much cleaner than original.

Kebin 10-28-2009 02:58 PM

Honestly, I still pvp before 3rd job, and that mastering of guard will really help (not so much in training). 1 extra hit makes all the difference in pvp duels, and not mastering will give you less change of using a skill before you die (considering 1 skill is usually a 1hko it makes a difference)

Besides that, good job =D

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