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Default Power Type Guides Index

Power Type Guides Index

To enable easier viewing, all guides will be added to indexes, so users will be able to see all threads in one post, see what they are interested in, and view it. Guides will be sorted by their thread number.

Indexes will generally be updated once every week or so, or whenever new guides are posted. Please be patient, as it's a manual operation. Last updated August 1st.

473: Momijii's Hybrid Buffalo and Bunny Guide
Posted by: Momijii

807: Bunny Skill Build by SHIYO
Posted by: TogSawks

809: KhmEr2K1d5's buffalo skill build
Posted by: TogSawks

810: JacktheReaper's View/Guide on Pure DX Buffalo's [By MT's Karukage]
Posted by: Momijii

2768: Cait's Bunny Guide... of d00m.
Posted by: Cait

5121: Powers and Debuffs!
Posted by: Trinity

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