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IGN: Caiterz
Class: bunny to_champion
Level: 100(rTO) 271(eTO)
Guild: None (rTO) «Firefly»«Serenity» (eTO)
Xfire: Caiternoodle
Red face -=~* Cait's pseudo-hax efficient PVM Hybrid Bunny (Duelist) Guide *~=-

If there's *a term you dont understand, please scroll down to the "Terms" Section for explanations!*




Is this class is best for you?

Duelists aren't for everyone. Here's how to decide!

Bunnys in general: 1 on 1 powerful skills including defensive/evasive skills like Dash and Guard.

Pure Bunny - Champion: Extra AP buff, Dash->Punch skill, and a 'twist' - MA/Fire ATTR skill. Good for PVP

Hybrid Bunny - Duelist: Elemental AoE (Area of effect) multi-enemy skills. Good for leveling fast.


If hybrid duelist sounds good to you, read on!


SO YA WANT TO BE A PVM BUNNEH HUH? Well bunny is a good class for being powerful in PvM. Why?

-Bunnys have Tetra Punch - A skill that can kill most bosses in ONE HIT! To have an easier time hunting POWERFUL UNIQUES!

-Hybrid bunnys get elemental AoEs. Which means that you can kill like 5 things in ONE HIT! To level up faster!

-Bunnys get DASH, which helps you move along faster especially if you dont have a sprint.

-Bunnys are power characters, meaning they do HEAVY damage. You WILL overkill -everything-.


Cait's Note: This is my attempt at an efficient, yet still powerful player vs monster bunny guide! The point of this guide is NOT to have the HIGHEST DAMAGE and overkill the monster by 9003 damage. The point of this guide is to kill the monster in 1 hit, and instead of overkilling (which serves no purpose other than gloating!) we spend those points in a more efficient place (Weight - Dont let this scare you away! Read along!) and make you a more efficient killer on the battlefields. :3

This guide is for people with myshop and without myshop.*



What is a hybrid?*

A hybrid is a character that can learn the opposite sex's 2nd job skills. For example, a Hybrid bunny will learn 1st job Power, 2nd job bunny, and 2nd job buffalo. *

Shouldn't I just make a buffalo if I want *elemental AoEs?

You could... but having elemental AoEs AND tetrapunch/guard makes you a great leveler AND bosser. Plus you are a cute bunny :3 Hybrid characters are good for main characters. I do not recommend hybrids for mules though.

What do those numbers mean? like 4114, 3124, etc.

Scroll down to "what should my build be?"

Do I have to have good elemental equips to be a good hybrid bunny?

No! In other games having a good element is ESSENTIAL to having a good damage amount.. But in Trickster, your skills will be VERY POWERFUL even with the WRONG element sword on! The RIGHT element sword does give it a boost! But you can still be successful even without it

Melee: (Lightning sword): *41k (crit)

Earthquake Blade (Lightning sword): 39k (non crit)

Lightning Blade (Lightning sword): 54k*(non crit)

Melee: (No attr) 13k (crit)*

Lightning Blade (No Attr): 36k*(non crit)

Earthquake Blade (No attr): 29k*(non crit)

As you can see, its like almost 50% more damage, but you are doing SO much damage as it is, in a lot of cases, it wont make a difference. So strive to have a correct element sword, but dont sweat it too much if you dont. *

How does AP affect the monster?
In this game, the "AP" is how much damage you do. So if you have 1000 AP, you will do 1000 damage to a monster (With no defense). Most monsters have a defense. So if the monsters defense is 500, and your AP is 1000, you will do 500 damage to the monster.

What is the best attribute? How does it affect a monster?

In some games, it's essential to have multiple swords with many elements, so when you go fight fire monsters, you whip out your water sword, and when you fight dark monsters, you whip out your light sword. In trickster this is NOT the case. Why? Monsters in this game generally do not have an "attribute". they have "Resistances" and "Weaknesses" but VERY FEW Monsters are weak or resistant to certain elements. So most of the time, its not worth to look at the weakness and resistance, because you will kill the monster in 1 hit no matter what.

Attribute in this game is also kind of funny. For the most part, when meleeing, pretend that attribute is "universal" that there is no "fire" or no "lightning". It's for the most part, a percentage BOOST. *So a 100% Fire attr with 1000AP will make you do 2000 damage to ANY monster (unless for some reason its weak or resistant, but as i said, dont worry about that!) To be the best you can in this game, get the HIGHEST % attribute you can.

A character (ANY character, be it Bunny, Sheep, etc.) will be OMEGA powerful with a good attr set. So YES, you CAN have a melee sheep with an ATTRIBUTE SET that does MORE damage smacking with the sword than its MAGIC SKILLS! *The only downside is... it's 1 hit only. No Aoe

So there is no BEST attribute. The best attribute is a high PERCENTAGE!

HOWEVER - Since we are getting elemental AoEs, it's best to TRY and get elemental skills that go with whatever skills we're using. We'll go over this at the bottom in the skills section :3



AoE - Area of Effect - Meaning you will hit more than 1 enemy, usually up to around 5-6 enemies.

ATTR - Attribute - Basically a percentage modifier to your attack points!

4114/xxxx Build - See "Builds" section for more info, but *the way your character levels up naturally.

AP - Attack (How hard you hit. Is directly related to your damage with weakness/resistance/defense/attr applied)


AC - Accuracy (How often you do not get a "miss")

DX - Dexterity (How fast you attack. A gm said this maxes out at "0")

MA - Magic Attack (Does not apply to the bunny at all except for Champion's Flaming Fist skill)

MD - Magic Defense (How much defense you have when a magic skill attacks you)

MP - Magic Points (Skill Point Usage)

DA - Detect Ability (Affects Drilling Detection)*

LK - Luck (Affects Criticals, Blocking, and has something to do with Mature Compounding)

WT - Weight (Affects how many potions/equips/etc you can hold on to at one time)

HP - Hit Points (How much can you get hit before you die?)

DP - Defense Points (How much defense you have when a non magical skill attacks you)

HV - Hit Evasion (Chance of evading an attack, similar to dodging)

Buff - Can mean either Buffalo or an enhancement skill (Like Pumping Heart is a buff that increases AP temporarily)*

PvP - Player vs player. Kill your friends.

GvG - Guild vs guild. Kill a group of your friends. xD

PvM - Player vs monster. Kill monsters and level up *


What is a build? Those numbers you see people talking about all the time. "4114" "4123" etc. Remember when you first made your character? (see picture at the right)


That is your build. They start at power and go clockwise. So the picture at the right would be a "3124" build. In the bunny's case, you HAVE to have a 4 in power. So you couldn't do the build at the right, for example.




What Should My Build Be?

A 4 in power means...*You will be powerful, accurate, attack fast.

Let's examine some builds for bunnies. At the right shows what stats you will have with each build at level 200. (as an example)(better picture to come someday!)

4114 - Default Build - Pros: All power and charm. You will good HP, defense, and evasion. Cons: Your magic defense will suffer, and you won't be able to hold many items.*

4123 - Small Sense Build - Pros: Your weight, dodging, and digging detect ability will be slightly higher. Cons: Your HP, defense, and evasion will be lower.

4132 - Mid Sense Build - Pros: Your weight, dodging, and digging will be higher. Cons: Your HP, defense, and evasion will suffer greatly.

4141 - High Sense Build - Pros: Your weight, dodging, and digging will be high. Cons: Your HP, defense, and evasion will be terrible.*

42xx, 43xx, 44xx - Builds with magic in them. Strongly suggested against, because as a duelist, MA does you NO good at all. MP and MD are okay, but your equips will make up for that.


Cait's Recommendation: *4114. Why? Because Surviving and Power are VERY important. the LITTLE amount of Luck (LK) (Dodging) you get from changing builds is NOT worth the loss of HP. *DA you can always get from equips.. and as far as WT, well.. WT is good to have. And I will go into that later on.

If you'd like you can take a look at my re-skinned stat simulator and try out your own builds and whatnot.*


*Bonus Points:

Every time you level up, you get bonus points! Most people put these in by saying going "Pure AP" will mean they will put all their points into AP.


As a 4114, you will have very low of the Sense class and Magic class. Out of these, you will only really miss MD, MP, DA, and LK, which you can get from your equips. WT, however, has VERY FEW in-game equips. (only 2 non myshop that are compoundable. 1 of which you can no longer get!) This is a really good reason as to why you should put some points into WT.


Cait's Recommendation: *Pure WT or 1/2 AP 1/2 WT if you have a hard time getting myshop. *Also, another suggestion would to be to put points into AP at the lower levels until you get tetra punch or hit level 90-120ish. At a low level, putting points into AP helps increase your damage a LOT. As you level up, AP becomes less effective since you overkill every monster anyway.

For example, I am a level 270 Pure WT bunny. I can hold lots of potions and still kill everything outside of Harkon Sanctuary in 1 hit.

4114 - Starts with - 814 AP and* 4,141 WT

4114 - Pure AP - 1,610 AP

4114 - Pure WT - 16,080 WT

Your AP drops by 1/2, but your WT increases by 4 times! When at level 210 and your tenter sword has 2,000 AP on it ALONE, that 800AP will not make a difference in PvM, generally. But in return, instead of only being able to carry 10 elixir potions, you can carry 40! If you dont feel comfortable with loosing 800AP, try a 1/2 AP 1/2 WT build.

4114 - 1/2 AP + WT - 1210 AP, 10,080 WT. Still good all around.


Why Go WT?

If you are new to trickster, and think "man why would I go WT at all?" When you can only carry 10 potions and have to run back every 5 mins, you are gunna be doing 1 of 2 things.

1.) Running back to town every 10 minutes just to get 10 more potions...

2.) Buying low weight myshop potions.


People criticize WT builds sometimes, but let me tell you - I have NEVER regretted going Pure WT!*


Will I still be able to PVP/GVG?

-Yes, but you wont have as high damage. To be honest, Tricksters PVP is very messed up in that... It's pretty much a "Whoever gets the hit in first" wins sort of deal. That's not fun in my opinion. There's no strategy in that!

*-You will still be able to get the "Guard" skill, which is pretty awesome, since it BLOCKS EVERY ATTACK for x amount of attacks. . It REALLY makes people mad, hehe.




[View:]«Trickster Online» Bunny - Tetra Punch «Firefly» - YouTube

Youtube Playlist of bunny skills


*Here's the fun part

Main Skills (Get Mastered!):

-Tetra Punch - The 1 hit KO skill

-Pumping Heart - An AP buff to <arnold accent> PUMP EET UPP </arnold accent>

-Berserker - A skill that makes you EXTREMELY powerful, EXTREMELY fast, and attack everything in sight.

-Earthquake Blade - A powerful AoE that attacks everything around you in a circle! Based upon AP and Soil Attribute. Large AoE.

-Lighting Blade - A powerful AoE that attacks everything around you in a circle! Based upon AP and Lightning Attribute. Fast casting! Large AoE.


Main Skills Pre-Requisites (Get to level 10)

-Burning Rave - Low level skill. Low MP requirement, fast cool down. Required for Tetra Punch

-Quad Punch - Decent Punching skill required for Tetra Punch.

-Piercing Wave - 1 hit skill, a pre-requisite for your 3rd job skills. It's okay, but I honestly never use it.

Beginning Skills (Optional - Usefull for people who want skills to use while waiting for main skills)-

Steel Punch- Useful for cora, and costs no TM!

Shockwave - This skill hits harder than Burning Rave and is useful beginning of game for people who like to hit harder than burning rave.

Shockvibe - If monsters are hitting you way too much and it's taking a long time to kill a monster, this skill is useful for decreasing the monsters accuracy.

HyperBeat - Increases your DX. (Makes you attack faster)

Upper Smash - Your first punching skill! It's pretty decent if you don't have an ATTR set.


Other Beginner Skills (If you have extra TM)

-Bullseye - Increases your accuracy

-Armor Breaker - Useful for bosses. Decreases the monsters DP.

-Dash - Makes you run faster for 1 click! More of a novelty skill, but useful if you don't have a sprint.

-Eagle Eye - Increases you and your party's accuracy. Does stack with Bullseye.

-Guard - Useful for bosses. Blocks 4 hits at level 10. *(this includes blocks, take this in mind!)

-Uppercut/Counter - This is a very good skill as a beginner, but once you get tetra, you won't use it anymore.

-Guard Break for Shockwave- This is a decent skill for if you have trouble hitting a monster. He cant dodge your hits for the next 20 secs, regardless of HV or LK!

-Armor Breaker - Helps keep the monsters defense down, useful for monsters that take more than 3 hits to kill.


3rd job Other skills (If you have extra TM)*

-Lacerator - Does a bit more damage than earthquake blade, but generally only hits 1 target. (Rare chance of hitting more than 1)

-Tidal Wave - Water ATTR based cone-shaped AOE. Does similar damage to Lacerator without ATTR.

-Aura of Haste - Increases DX to you and your party members. Stacks with other skills.

-Tempest Strike - Wind ATTR based skill that attacks somewhat in a circle around your target. Has bad damage without ATTR.

-Blazing Strike - Multiple hitting AoE in the direction you choose. Damage isn't that great.

-Inferno Blade - Fire ATTR based skill that does decent damage even without ATTR. I almost put this on main skills.. but Lightning Strike replaced it. If you need another AoE before Lightning Strike, get this one. It's a radius around yourself, but a small radius.

What not to get: *(These skills eat up TM and are not usefull in any situation I've come across so far)

*Desperate Rally - This skill activates when your HP is below 20%. It gives you a small AP boost. In my opinion, if a monster is powerful enough to get you less than 20% hp, a small AP boost isnt going to help you very often. It's not worth casting it every 60 seconds at master.

Sense Breaker - Lowers a monsters DA.

Luck Breaker - Lowers a monsters LK. (Guard break is a better choice)

Tornado Bomb - Adds at most 1300 damage to your current AP. (low low low damage)



Hat: Unique hats have massive DP. (non myshop) *At the higher levels, you might want to look into Altiverse stuff. (also non myshop)

Sprint: Try to get the Kitty box sprint if they ever release kitty sprints again. It's permanant and can be compounded for AP, HP, and more! (myshop) level 40 and 140 gif boxes have 3 and 7 day sprints inside of them (non myshop)

Sword: Unique swords have 4 slots of attr, thus making them beasts. (non myshop)**At the higher levels, you might want to look into Altiverse stuff. (also non myshop)

Shield: Unique shields have 4 slots of HP, also making them beasts. (non myshop)*At the higher levels, you might want to look into Altiverse stuff. (also non myshop)

Accessories: Lycan Claw Chain 240, and Bunny Pendant 180 are beastly myshop, but event box only. As far as non myshop, look for All Hallows Necklaces (old event item thats uncommonly sold), and the accessory from the unique equips. As soon as you can get em, the altiverse rings will be good too

Pet: Most pets are myshop, unfortunately. (And myshop event box/gacha pets are the best, but the ones to buy all the time are decent too) but nonmyshop, try and look for Sissy Cello, Soccer Player Dorothy, Big Blue, Metal Hodori, Year of the Rabbi, Poppurica's 99 incarnations, etc. These are old event pets.

Innerwear: Golden Mole Vest and Poppuri Waistcoat are good for HP.* *Poppuri Hunting Vest is decent. 2nd anniversery Vest is nice. They are old event items. As far as ingame, there's pretty much life jacket. .and.... life jacket. Lol. * Myshop event boxes (like bunny box) has NICE innerwear. get them if you can.

Cape: Poppuri Leaf Cape is the only commonly sold cape. It doesnt have any AP on it, but it's better than nothing! It's good for MP, DA, and LK.

Head Fashion: *Rally Towel is the only tradeable one that I know of ingame. It has decent stats. The Myshop event boxes have nice head fashion in there. Also they sometimes give a free head fashion with collecting *a set from a box. Try to get Flags from myshop if they are for sale. Cheap and effective!

Face Fashion: Blood Red Eyepatch is the Karan unique accessory and doesnt have amazing stats, but again, better than the Gold sleep mask.* If you're stapped for cash, try out Flag Masks from myshop if they are for sale. No AP, but they are usually only 2k pts and better than nothing :3

Where to Train/Level?*

I could paste everything i wrote in The Trickster Walkthrough, but I'll just link you instead.


How do I change jobs?

2nd Job: Once you get level 50 and TM level 40, you need to get a 100k galder check (Bought from Andrew in Relics) and a Growth badge from Kaboom in Caballa Relics Dungeon 4, via Relics Field 4. Kaboom is pretty hard to kill, so ask a higher level to help you if you need help!

Once you've got those, go to Boxer Jeanne either in Caballa Relics(Azteca) or Mego skill garden. Talk through the prompts, and POOF, you are 2nd job!

3rd Job: *You need to be level 130/ TM 120 at least to advance to your 3rd job. You need a lot of items!

1x Ticket of the Valiant - dropped by Clurican in Caballa Relics Mine and Tenter Lion, or drilled in Swamp Dungeon
3x 1 Mil Galder Check (bought from Andrew at Megalopolis Bank or Azteca)*
1x Harkon - drilled in Techichi Fields, Tapasco Fields, Gate of Abyss, and Abyss Fields or from completing Marx's Snow hill or Tapasco gem quests.
1x Sacred Water - drilled in Black Swamp Fields
3x Brass - dropped from Brass Knight* (Vamp Dungeon 3 )*
3x Magnetite - dropped from Iron Knight*(Vamp Dungeon 2 and 3 )*
3x Magic Powder - dropped from Bone Magician (Vamp Dungeon 4 and 5 )
3x Glass Piece - dropped from Bone Warrior (formerly Snow Kids)*(Vamp Dungeon 4 and 5 )
1x Special Jade - dropped from Nora Joe (Ghost Blue Dungeon)

Go to the door in Mego skill garden (northeastish area) to start the trials. Follow his advice seeking out the various people needed... to make your compass and etc. then you're off to the trials.



Use Tetra Punch!

Flame Month: Easy

Siremaid: Easy

Crow: Easy

Seth: Easy

Shadow: It berserks, but if you kill it before it kills you, you are golden!

Tooth Flower: It faints, but stay far away and you should be good.

Knight: Has electro attack, be carefull, it stuns you!

Yeti: Pretty easy

Koom: Has Guard break. RUN AWAY fast if he goes this to you!

Merman Aku: Has Armor Destructor.*RUN AWAY fast if he goes this to you!

Addax: Pretty easy, just kill him before he buffs.

Stoor Worm: Pretty easy. Carefull of wind blade though.

Madam Chiffon: She's got berserk. Try to kill her before she casts it. If she does cast it, RUN AWAY FAST.

Freyja: Has electro attack. be carefull, she attacks quickly.

Guardian Tink: A bit of a break. She has berserk too.

Leviathan: The final boss. Also the hardest. Your enemy here is time. Alternate Tetra and Quad punch as far as you can. Dont worry about unnecessary buffs, just hit as hard as you can, as fast as you can!

Grats you areeeee a Duelist, yay!*


Bonus: How2KillDon (Episode 1 boss)

I beat Don when i was level 90~ Here's how i did it..

*-Get your HP up to over 10,000. this can be achieved by getting a poppuri pendant, Jia's Amulet, Proof of love, Shield Compounded with HP, etc.

*-Use a sword compounded with ATTR. Ex: Golden lion sword level 5 with 140% Soil, etc.

-Use a helmet with lots of DX! It'll make you hit faster.

-Bring Herb and Elixer pots.. as many as you can carrry, put everything else in the bank!

-When you get to Don, cast your buffs, run up to him, shockvibe, then attack.. then HEAL CONSTANTLY with herb potions.. When he goes berserk, use the elixers, when he's not berserk, use herb potions. Do NOT try to cast any skills unless you're going for the hit-and-run scenario. It will take up precious healing time that you dont have!*



...More to come Guide in progress, as always.

I know you ggftwers love to hate on everything, but if you have criticism, make it CONSTRUCTIVE criticism,


Good: "Are you sure that Tornado Bomb isnt good? I think its pretty good. Try it out and see for yourself " "Hey Cait, I might suggest adding a LK build because ___" etc.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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