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Gaap 11-27-2011 11:23 PM

Timer Rabbit's Duelist Guide/Viewthrough

Welcome to Timer Rabbit's (1st ever) Duelist Guide! While this may not have an in-depth through for training and such, it does cover your questions on skills, builds, and pretty much slapping my experience on my positive views on the Hybrid Bunny class! If you have any questions or anything else... Feel free to answer here and i'll try to cover things! (Also look at "Contributions" for additional info in improving my guide with your "magic!") REMEMBER: This guide focuses on a PvM/bossing (Elemental) Duelist!

Table of Contents:
(Use CTRL + F and type the "[Letter + number]" tags for easy directing.)

[A] Introduction Chapter
[A1] Introduction and my Duelist History
[A2] The True Reason
[A3] What's in store from this guide?
[A4] Keywords to the Duelist
[B] The Build-Up
[B1] The Guild Graph
[B2] Stats
[B3] The Collection of Builds
[C] Duelist Skills
[C1] The School and Boxer Path?
[C2] The Path to a Range Fighter...
[C3] Skill Mastery Items
[D] Job Advancing
[D1] Schoolgirl to Boxer
[D2] Boxer to Duelist
[E] Your "Sexy" Equipment!
[E1] The Basics
[H] Other Duelist-ish Guides
[H1]Video guides
[F1] Coming soon if I get more than one questions right in my face...
[G] Misc.
[G1] Contributions
[G2] Legal Rights
[G3] Thank-Yous!
[G4} Version History

Gaap 11-27-2011 11:28 PM

[A1] Introduction and my Duelist History
Welcome to Timer's guide to a Hybrid Bunny! Now you may be wondering: Why I go Duelist? Why not a Champion because of the epic Flaming Fist? Well here's a quick not-so-quick story about my life as LadyGaap (formerly Minits).


[A2] The True Reason
"Wait- How is a Duelist useful and/or powerful?" Well, put it this way... Being a Duelist means that you have the access to AoE skills, AKA the ability to cast a skill that hits multiple targets! This helps with questing, Fiesta, or even bossing! So what if you lost Flaming Fist and all of the Champion skills! Tetra Punch is pretty much the most "powerful" physical skill for a young Bunny. Finally, i'm a female player, so I am used to play (on most games) as a girl.

[A3] What's in store from this guide?
Well, at the moment, this guide was pretty much new when I first wrote that for ggFTW members and lurkers. I will try my best to tell you what kind of skills, tips, and other sheemings for your future Duelist. This was made in inspiration from Kyzuumi's Champion (and many other character) guide(s). Some of the information will be directed to her Champ guide, because the Schoolgirl and Boxer skill table is very top notch for survivability against "certain bosses".

[A4] Keywords to the Duelist
Mind the science.. But just to jolt down the character for the Trickster newbies out there....
  • Bunny: While the Bunny is named "Niea" on her first-person view, she is one of the eight selectable characters when you start Trickster. (And her name doesn't have to Niea...) Started out as a Schoolgirl with boxing gloves, you will expect this character to be the strongest and "newbie friendly" to new players.
  • Schoolgirl: The first class for the Bunny. Cute and cuddly, she can access to the Power-type skills (shared with the Buffalo (AKA Nike)) from Master Louis at the Skill Shrine located @ Megalopolis.
  • Boxer: The second job for the Bunny. Like her title says, she had the access to powerful 1:1 boxing skills, epspecially my favorite: "Tetra Punch". You will NEED that skill (and other prerequisite skills) and a few other handy skills to beat certain bosses...
  • Duelist: The hybrid class for the Bunny. Like I said earlier, this green-knuckled bunny carries the skills from the Warrior's (second job Buffalo) skill tree. Since she lacks the 1:1 skills from her Champion sister, the Duelist is not the best as a "PvP"er. However, "PvM" and bossing is never a problem for her!
  • PvP: "Player VS. Player". Really, the Duelist is not suggested as a PvPer, but if you still want to go and beat the big boys, have "AP" compoundable equip ready! I'll get to that soon...
  • GvG: "Guild VS. Guild". While this may not be important for the guide, The Duelist MAY have a advantage when competing against the enemy guild as long a "Healer" is by at her side. I don't guarentee a successful win with the Duelist, but a contribution to the team makes it all worth it.. Also.. By Celestia please don't take both PvP and GvG seriously. ;)
  • PvM: "Player VS. Monster". (Sometimes players call this "Player VS. Enemy"...), like all charactters made for this game, the Duelist will have no problem facing computer-controlled foes as long she is well geared and face danger on monster fields or boss dungeons... The better the gears, the better that you might be a strong Duelist~!
  • Lolbox: This may not be related to the keywords for a Bunny, BUT if you do not get what "Lolbox" means: It's a mystery box in Myshop that contain equips and a pet. Getting the item you want will take SLIM LUCK, especially when getting the pet!

Gaap 11-27-2011 11:35 PM

[B1] The Build Graph

When you start making your Bunny character, your default graph starts at "4114" (4 Power, 1 Magic, 1 Sense, and 4 Charm). Of course, there are other builds out there that are also effective for a Duelist. I'll try to explain each available builds in detail and Cash Shop availability.

[B2] Stats
Power: As a Power-type character, this stat is locked by a 4. The subsets includes: AP (Attack Power), AC (Accuracy), and DX (Dexterity, melee attack speed)
Magic: Not much useful in it except maybe MD. But since this is not a Champion guide (Yes, Champs need MA for Flaming Fist), you do not need this. ;) Also from Kyzuumi, DO NOT add a Bonus Point to a 1 stat build!
Sense: You may already know this or not, but this stat has two important substats: WT (Weight) and LK (Luck). You need the WT to carry all of the "crap" with you for the journey! While LK helps with the block rates!
Charm: The Defensive substats: HP (Health Points), DP (Defense Points), and HV (Hit Evasion). HP is very important for a Bunny when it comes to survivability!

[B3] The Collection of Builds

4114 - The most default build and pretty much very popular as a Power PvP build thanks to the nice heavy ammounts of HP and HV. But, like every Bunnies, you would lack in WT (AKA the ammount to carry your pots and quest items). If you are going for that build, I suggest a 3 AP + 1 WT bonus point contribution! However, if you are very challenged (and maybe have a Fox side account at your side (seriously, I did this before), then you can go for Pure AP. For MyShop users: A MyShop pouch at your level or less is a must.

- This balanced build is pretty much what I would prefer. Have a bit of Sense and still have some Charm substats. The only problem when journey on that build is that you may feel lacking in HP. With or without MyShop, you can still survive with a Ultimate shield from bosses, and at most it should be around 1mil Galder in vender shops. Suggest for Pure AP builders.

4141 - Now THIS build is made for EXPERT players. I call this the "glass cannon", and I have tried that with my Gladiator. While you will LACK in the Charm subsets, I call this "expert" because this is build for players who can use MyShop: sword, HP hat, shield, mask, cape, Head acc., etc. I would not recommend this build unless you have the hand-me-downs from your last Power character with HP on it! Pure AP bonus point contribution is preferable! :D

4132 - Using info from the Champion guide (as well the previous facts above), this one is like a friendlier version of the "glass cannon" 4141 build. You have more Luck and Weight, but you will lack in HP. Like suggest above, have some kind of equipment that has HP in it (may go extreme with MyShop). I may suggest a Pure AP build.

Gaap 11-27-2011 11:42 PM

[C1] The Schoolgirl and Boxer Path?

I'll make this nice and short. Because the Duelist's previous class: Boxer and Schoolgirl have a lot of things in common when you are following the Champion guide. Because my experience on my previous classes are messed up in my early Trickster days, I would recommend looking at Kyzuumi's Champion Guide, especially the Schoolgirl and Boxer path. Because seriously, that guide save my Bunny Tail when I face these "certain bosses and obstacles".

(Make sure that once you are a Duelist, you can stop following the Champ guide and go your own ways in terms of skill learning...)

[C2] The Path to a Ranged Fighter...

Fancy title, ne? Well, while this may confuse you, I see "Duelists" (and Buffaloes) as the "Fighter Mages" in Trickster, because they have the access to skills that requires Element Attributes. (For the newcomers: I reference "Fighter Mages" because the Sheep (Soul Master or Witch) had the access to Elemental spells as well, though in a more magical fashion compare to what the Power-type characters using swords.)

For my view-point on these Warrior skills, I sort the "Elemental skills" by "Paths". You get two elements per prerequisite skill: "Piercing Wave" and "Lacerator". This will help you in which set of skills you want to learn first (especially after you decide to learn Berserker first).

Piercing Wave Path
Piercing Wave - A skill that can hit at a farther range, suitable for hitting a single prey far from a cliff! :D A requirement to get Earthquake and Inferno Blade.
Earthquake Blade - A Earth-Attribute skill that unleases and "earthquake" from your blade at multiple foes around you! If you can save the Galder funds and at Lvl. 270, you can TRY to invest on a Gray Ash Staff, as it carries a very powerful Earth Att. Or you can try to use the Golden Sword, but a Lvl. 30 sword will not last due to the tiny AP, unless you can supply with more AP and HP on the other gears.
Inferno Blade - Another skill from the Piercing Wave path I love. Like Earthquake, it hits multiple enemies around you. While there are little Fire Att. Boss uniques in game, you can try to invest on 4G coupons for the Inferno set, which I recommend aiming for the cape and helmet. Inferno Shield is very optional, depending if you really need the HP on that area. I will explain more once I go and talk about the equipment.
Lighting Strike (Not pictured, sorry!) - Introduced in Season 2, I am able to get it without getting the chance to master it (because the requirements for the cards is HARD!). Pretty much a successor sequel to Inferno Blade, the timing and animation is FAST like a snap of a finger! This skill enhances if you have a Lighting Att. weapon, which the Tenter Spear would come in handy!
Lacerator Path
Lacerator - A AoE linear skill. It may not have the same magic for the Earthquake/Inferno combo, but again, it is a requirement for the following skills below.
Tidal Slash - A Water Att. skills that hit on a straight path "in front of you". While this skill is not on my favorites list, there is the "Ice Heart Sword" you can try to invest on (if you Lvl. 240) that carries a powerful ammount of Water Att.
Tempest Strike - (Okay I recently tested this.) A Air Att. skill that can hit more than one for at the front or back. I think it is not frequently used, at least from what I see it.
Other Notable Skills

Faint - A skill that gets foes freeze for 5 seconds. I recommend this if aiming for GvG (or PvP) and bossing, though don't guarantee the same knock-out effect as the Model and Teacher's skill :Skunk. Must have Shockwave (Lv. 1) (activates when using Shockwave) skill in your 1st class skill set.

Aura of Haste - Not recommended at the early stages, and I wouldn't recommend it to get it right away unless you like to have a DX boost. Must have Hyper Beat (Lv. 10) skill in your 1st class skill set.

Blazing Strike - I do not recommend it unless you already have one of the Elemental paths and Aura of Hate (Lv. 1). It can it multiple foes based on your DX. Pretty fun leisure-time skill (as I also recently tested this and felt likea ninja). :3

Berserker - A very popular skill for every young Bunnies who just got upgraded into a Duelist. It increases the AP (dramatically) for a certain amount of time, but in exchange: You can't control her! (Hence the name!) You can get this skill before or after you mastered one of the Elemental paths, and it only requires Pumping Heart to be Lv. 7!
[C3] Skill Mastery Items

Piercing Wave Path:
  • Piercing Wave: Crow Card x18 (i'm not sure if this has changed)
  • Earthquake Blade: Officer Akto Card x3
  • Inferno Blade: Dancer Isabelle Card x3
  • Lighting Strike: Malefic Matron Card x3 (RARE DROP!!!!)

Lacerator Path
  • Lacerator: Quiem Card x2
  • Tidal Slash: Officer Surapat Card x3
  • Tempest Strike: Cobra Flower Card x4

  • Faint: None
  • Aura of Haste: Squishy Mud x8
  • Blazing Strike: Mingo Toy x24
  • Berserker: Crow Card x3

Here are some screenshots of each skill!

Gaap 11-27-2011 11:51 PM

[D1] Schoolgirl to Boxer

Thanks to the Season 2 patch, advancing to a Boxer is easy as snatching Don Giuvani's boxers! :D For the items you need to advance:
  1. Obtain a "Gwoth Badge" (untradable) from Kaboom at Cabala Relics Dungeon 4.
  2. Purchase a "100k Galder Check" from Andrew at Megalopolis Bank for 105,000 Galders.

While you get a new look (you can change your appearance back by paying 50,000 Galders to Louis Bitton at Megalopolis), you will also be rewarded with a Red Cape from Boxer Jeane as a "trial cape" (yes it's timed). I will explain about Capes when I go through the equipment.

Finally... You need to be Lv. 50 and TM 40 (rTO (Thai based private TO client) requires LV 60 and TM 50!) in order to advance!

[D2] Boxer to Duelist

Finally... The reason of why you are reading this guide.... If you are brain-dead, then the major reason why you are reading this is because you want your Bunny to become a Duelist! Though going through the process of getting to 3rd job may require a grocery list (with many credits to Kyzuumi for the list (with minor tweaks for Season 2)...)....
  • You need to Lv. 130 and TM 120.
  • You need 1x Ticket of the Valiant, dropped by Cluricans in Caballa Relics Mine, also dropped by Tenter Lion
  • You need 3x 1 million Galder checks from Andrew in Megalopolis bank
  • You need 1x Special Jade, dropped by Mud Bigfoot in Black Swamp (or Nora Joe @ Sewers), also drill 1x Sacred Water while you're here
  • You need 3x brass, 3x magnetite, 3x magic powder, and 3x glass piece dropped by Brass Knight, Iron Knight, Bone Magician, and Bone Warrior, respectively. (In Season 2, GameRage changed some of the drops assigned to these monsters, mainly Bone Warrior with Glass Piece. I think the drops are average now, but be alert to find some game play time to hunt for these items!)
  • You need 1x Harkon. Pasta from the ggFTW Wiki: "drilled at Techichi Volcano Fields, Tapasco Volcano Fields, Chaos Tower Floors (Battlefields), Gate of Abyss, and Abyss Fields or from complete Blacksmith Marx - Find Ingredients for Precious Jewel and Blacksmith Marx - Silent Lava Mine Collection"... HOWEVER, in my opinion, I would recommend taking some time to go and drill @ Tapcaso Mines for the good amount of EXP/TM with a Poppuri Drill (if lucky from various Poppuri Drilling/Hunting events), while you earn some unessasary gems and NPC them for about 7-9k a pop. (And if lucky and ahve a friend who has done the Mine quest, ask him/her for compounding aid when he/she is free! :))



Oh dear god. Well, with Tetra Punch and other Boxer skills in hand, Lvl. 120 giftbox you got from your questing (contains 2 Resurrection Scrolls) , HP/MP pots, AND equips that have AP, HP, and/or Element Attribute, the guide made by Kuzuumi really paid off, as well if lucky to have friends who can lend you a Boss set (like Captain Skull's set), you are probably going to be more lucky than what I have to go through on LadyGaap. ^^; I'll TRY to explain each "Tribunal" bosses and what you should be aware off.... (Again feel free to contirubte anything to make this guide better!)
  1. Flame Month: Easy kill. Tetra all the way.
  2. Siremaid: Easy kill too like above.
  3. Crow: Not that hard either.
  4. Seth: No worries about that unless concern about hairballs (J/K)
  5. Shadow: Be careful with it's "Berserker". A quick timing with Tetra Punch should do a-okay!
  6. Tooth Flower: A bit deadly if not careful with Faint. Again be alert, cast at right timing with Tetra Punch.
  7. Hell Knight: I believe that it's Electro attacks make you stunned, unable to much. However, with much HP and timing, you can aim your Tetra if you are near-by the Hell Knight.
  8. Yeti: Not as threatful as the other previous three. Be alert and Tetra (or Quad) all the way!
  9. Koom: Not as threatful. Same attack tactic as Yeti.
  10. Merman Aku: Be careful with Armor Destructor, and Tetra your way...
  11. Addax: Probably a bit handful with it's defensive buffs, but should be no problem.
  12. Stoor Worm: It carries Wind Blade, so be careful! Tetra your way like usual..
  13. Madame Chiffon: Now this is where you have to be EXTRA careful! She has Berserker... I don't know how I did, but again, be careful, and wait far away until she wears off Berserker. Tetra should give a good quick-kill.
  14. Freyja: Another thret like Chiffon with it's Electro Attack. Stay away when it casts, and if it tempeary drys out, Tetra if can. (At this rate, you might have used your Resurrection Scrolls/Flowers on the Chiffon and Freyja stage...)
  15. Guardian Tink: Not a heavy threat as Chiffon, but be careful with Berserker. Tetra your way as usual.
  16. Leviathan: The final boss... Very heavy in DP and MD, this is where you thank Kyzummi for suggesting Tetra at Lv. 10 ready. (Most Bunnies end up getting Tetra after 3rd job.) With Tetra + Quad, this should be the most intense wrestling match with the sumo-like sea serphant.

After that and turn in all of the remaining items, BAM you are a proud Duelist!

Gaap 11-28-2011 12:02 AM

[E1] The Basics

In the game, monsters are not really as strong, but they will be if you are not careful. To make sure that your adventures are set, I have split up the two categories for each equip category: In-Game and Myshop. In-Game equips are gears you can get within the game. The Boss Uniques and Ult. Equipment can be dropped from Boss Monsters, unless you go and buy them from user-shops. (Boss Uniques can be very expensive than Ults. depend on the server economy.) It's up to you if you would ratter not waste to much real life money on Trickster, but be warned that trying to fund for in-game gears may cost extra Galders for Nate Elixirs (if needed), Elixirs, and Refine Powders, which all can get in-game via the "Lvl Up Giftbox".

For me, I'm built for PvM, despite the amount of MyShop I spent on. However, I try to fit right in with the PvP/GvG communities with a few extra equips that increase AP (because Tetra Punch's speed rate is faster than Inferno Blade). It is up to you with the choices I split up for In-Game viewers (OR boss unique collectors) and MyShop users. If you are planning to spend time on this game, there is a good chance that you will either be exposed to MyShop-independent or a fusion of in-game gears and MyShop ones. You decide.


Head Acc.:


Gaap 11-28-2011 12:03 AM

[H1]Video Guides
A section for Duelist-related guides that have been recorded by me, as well giving my written tips on beating them. Take in mind that your method as a Duelist might be different from mine (and that's why sharing is caring)!

Chaos Tower Final Boss: Outraged Requiem


2nd run

Okay. This is one hell of a huge boss, and maybe the most difficult one I faced if not careful. (However, I am fine thanks to over-level.) As you can see, I am pretty cautious about using Berserker for the first time, which cost my Resurrection scrolls. Guard, Power-buffs, BERSERKER (melee was a lot more stronger than elemental of physical skills), and a Guardian should help you on this boss, oh and as well carry many HP (more than MP sadly) pots.

Because of my lack of WT, I am stuck using Cheerleader Stella T4 for it's god WT (again for the first time), as well "decent" AP (though not as great as my Splish Splash Yupika T4 pet... All of these pets are from the Egg Shop before they are out of stock).

Finally, my strategy may be differ from yours, especially by level! So if you want a successful Chaos-through, you might want to get Lv. 300+ and invest in the best gears as possible (depends on YOU of course), especially the the Altiverse equips once you completed the Tower story-quests!

Harkon Protection

Probably something that you will not do on your adventures. But if you are planning to go to any Harkon Protection events, make sure you have equips of AP, a bit of HP, and Inferno Set if you can invest and LOTS of Pots! You will be using A LOT of AoE skills, which require a stack of MP pots!

Being a Lv. 3xx+ Duelist is worth it when you are about to face Gorgons! Inferno Blade would be very effective to them with your Fire gears on! :)

Finally, as usual when getting your Guardian: Have it learn de-buffs first (especially Skunk)!

VS. OLD (Pre-S2) Spicy Dragon

*Plays Yakkety Sax on BG...* This video was taken like two years ago, but it is still a perfect example of my Duelist years!

This is taken before I got my Inferno Set. And a good thing I don't have them on... Why? Because Spicy absorbs all Fire Att.! If you want to beat Spicy, here are a few things: Guardian, AP Helm (replace Inferno Helm), AP/HP cape (replace Inferno cape), and whatever equip you have, which either are AP/HP balance, and a elemental att. weapon (NOT FIRE) to add the damage!

VS. Queen Odniea

I already put out a guide on this video, especially some Duelist/Power related tips, as well what-to-get for your Guadian's skills. But i'll re-phrase it.

To have a safe battle (though you still need pots), have your own buffs on, and have your Guardian equip with magic de-buffs (MA/LK) as well Skunk. Have Tetra Punch and Faint (Shockwave) ready too. Let your Guardian debuff first, and then you can strike with Faint, and then repeat with Tetra until Faint is needed again. BE CAREFUL with Arrow Rush, because this skill can hurt you!

I'm Lv. 35X now, so this strategy might change for me, but this should still be a good reminder for all Duelist of all levels with a Guardian to keep this skills ready in your fingers!

VS. Count Blood

Oh god I forgot that I did a re-make w/ my up-to-date level!

If you are about Lv. 17X and have Guard and at least MAYBE Berserker (not highly recommended unless you have a Anti-Banish scroll), but for Blood, you will need Tetra Punch and other Boxer attacks. AoEs should be at best used on the 3rd Trial with at least a matching attribute to your equips. (And again have the Inferno set if you can invest at Lv. 240+.) Oh and have your Guardian with you, because Skunk debuffs is your best friend. (Having Faint (Shockwave) would be an extra freeze luxury too!)

If you are planning to become a long-term Blood-hunter like me, he will be pretty easy, that it's like cake-walk at the Trials, let alone pretty quick if you have a sprint with you. The max that you can enter is at Lv. 360+. (Help me clarify this!)

Gaap 11-28-2011 12:06 AM

[F1] Yea... I'll get to those until I get real questions that are asked to me many, many times...

Gaap 11-28-2011 12:08 AM

[G1] Contributions!
Yes... Because this guide was made out of my experience from a mix of LadyGaap (Duelist) and JessicaUshiromia (Champion), not all info may be accurate! So you know what this means?

YES I am accepting tips, additional info, and other related sheemings to the guide! I will credit you with your info in "Spoilers"! I wish I can gift you guys something as a thank-you... But your contributions will help benefit those future Duelists who needs a guide from a "pro" like me! ^^; There is no form required... Just post as usual, and i'll judge if the tip or additional fact is worth value to the guide!


[G2] Legal Rights

  • This guide was copyrighted by Timer Rabbit (Gaap, LadyGaap, etc.) at ggFTW, and may not be redistributed anywhere without her consent.
  • The guide and information are from the ggFTW TO Wiki, as well the "set up" by Kyzuumi as a "base". (I hope you don't mind! ;3; )
  • Trickster Online (and related artwork) is owned by Ntreev, Timer Rabbit in no way has any affiliation with Ntreev and owns in no way Trickster Online; this is just a player's guide for the players.

[G3] Thank-Yous!
  • Thank you Kyzuumi/Jitara for creating these wonderful Champ and Diva guides, as it inspires me to make my own for my favorite Hybrid class!
  • Thank you "gween1440" and the guild at "Tomodachi~" for being the first-best guild I have ever been, as well inspire me to become a Duelist! :)
  • Thanks you to to my guild "Mirage Coordinator" for being with me... Even though most of you guys are dead at the moment! xD This is also a thank-you to those who stayed with me at the guild.. Even though I could have kick you guys... ^^;
  • Finally... Thank you to everyone who have look, read or contribute to this guide! :D

[G4] Version History

August 04, 2014. Version 1.06. Even if Trickster is long gone at all regions, private servers are a thing and I did small updates, but will not touch the images. It's mainly the questions I get when someone read my copied version of the guide! (Like... Seriously.) If you are from the rTO PServer, this guide is still valid! There are small things I did not cover and no pretty image updates, sorry! Updated small stuff, but nothing major. :)
July 3, 2012. Version 1.05. Fixed the Equipment Guide (thank you Azhinal!) and added yet another Outraged Requiem video for Berserker demo!
March 26, 2012. Version 1.04. Oh whoops I forgot that I re-did a Blood-Trials video! This should give a uncut video-through on it!
February 11, 2012. Version 1.03. Minor tweaks that don't deserve a version change, and decided to include the "video guides" for other Duelist-related topics.
November 29, 2011. Version 1.02. Updated the context and descriptions on the Equipment section, fixed up the Skills section (once again and includes a SS), as well a term for "Lolbox". If anyone got any suggestions to put key terms into the guide for Trickster nubs, please tell me!
November 28, 2011. Version 1.01. Okay. Fixed the Schoolgirl/Boxer description path... Actually, since I took time to write it, I made a TL;DR (straight to the point in lesser characters) for you guys.
November 27, 2011. Version 1.0 Entire (crazy) guide up and posted! @___@;;

Gaap 11-28-2011 12:08 AM

Reserving post slot...

Gaap 11-28-2011 12:09 AM

Reserving post slot 3.

Gaap 11-28-2011 12:10 AM

Bleh. I wish there's a mod who can fix my title... (It was easy to fix at eTO forums, bleh!)



Queen 11-28-2011 06:36 AM

If you report your first post and write in the report what you would like the title to be changed, the mods will be able to see it - I did that for my champion guide.

My only suggestion that I really want to say is when you link to my schoolgirl/boxer skill build, it would be easier for the reader to pick it out if you linked it at the end of the paragraph, like this:

Long paragraph e Long paragraph e Long paragraph e Long paragraph e Long paragraph e Long paragraph e Long paragraph e Long paragraph e


Burying it the paragraph might drive the lazies mad. You can always link it in the paragraph and at the end too, for less rewriting.

Gaap 11-28-2011 06:47 PM

Ah okay then~ Let me try to fix it!

Oh how much you hate when you have a mix of homework and a bit of Trickster, even though I can't be on the time compare to the previous semesters.

EDIT: Fixed. Yea TBH I can be nervous when I check my creation that is not art.

Gaap 11-29-2011 11:53 PM

Bumping! Made some changes, especially a very deep view-through and suggestions on equips and such!

Mikayo 12-27-2011 06:11 PM

Thank you very much >w<
This helps a lot :3

Gaap 12-27-2011 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by Mikayo (Post 1659791)
Thank you very much >w<
This helps a lot :3

Thank you so much! :)

Reminder to everyone that I am accepting any Duelist tips or other information to the page! :)

Also... If you are planning to visit the Chaos Tower, make sure you have some WT and Pots ready! Oh and BERSERKER on that dragon! >< (I learned the hard way...)

Ladynoosy 12-28-2011 05:41 PM


i love u and your Guide ~Awesome like you <3

lMina 12-29-2011 11:22 AM

This is awesome :py11: Thank you <3<3 I think I never saw a duelist guide, this will help me even though I'm lvl 22x already :py25: At least now I know which equipment I should get (since I kinda lack 'understanding' about that area).
Hm, not sure if this will do any better to the guide but, how about giving some tips on where to level? Like what quests to do etc...just a suggestion 'cause I've seen that alot in guides.

Anyway, really fantastic, again Thanks Alot :py15:

zemega 02-09-2012 08:11 AM

Umm, "Also when you completed Epi. 8 quests to activate the bonus quests, you can get a untradable in-game cape, but the stats are not as great compare to a Leaf Cape. " Episode 8? Dont you mean Episode 6?

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