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kevin366 01-04-2010 10:10 PM

v2.0 has been long waited for, all the expectation of v2 that players like me hoped or wish for as not been met. v2.0 was or is suppose to be the patch that brings the GAME back to LIVE but instead it got more complicated, even though the patch is still fresh...there are a lot of stuff and bugs that needs to be fix..including ingame fonts and item mall items..the way i see it, its like the management doesn't really care for their customers and players..GENERALLY speaking: the management need to put more efforts to make the players satisfied

punisher22 01-20-2010 08:47 PM

v2.0 awwwwwww
yah its nice that pko get v2.0 now,there a lot of new mobs,item,place,etc, but for me all of that is not satisfying, what i mean is,why you launch 2.0 while its not yet fix,and got more bugs,and other thing are not functional,,nah...wth..and lastly my friends are not able to play because the game is not that compatible to their pc, like one problem,after pressing enter game in launcher there is no thing after,why was that,,hays hop you pko seek some thing to your new version to make your move through this,,thanks..gud day.


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