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Chelf 09-25-2009 07:35 AM

Double Scratchy Event!
Beginning September 25th until September 27th 11:59PM(PDT), rare item drop rates from Scratchy Card will be doubled!

In addition, you'll receive 2 Scratchy Cards for every 1000 Ntreev Points spent from September 25th ~ 27th PDT as well!

Double your scratchy fun!

-- Pangya Team

My thoughts? Seems more like a money gouging move more than anything.

I spent $60 just for scratchies, to see. I got 2 Kooh Wedding Dresses. So the rates are indeed doubled. And for our newer players, or returning players, the way to get scratchies is different from when OGP was around.

You get 1 scratchy, per 1000 points spent ($1). Opposed to buying them in the shops. D:

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