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sleeptalk 02-17-2011 10:58 PM

"The Adventures of Sleep" (War of Angels)

Hello and good day to everyone!

First of all my name is kim, I’m a noob in movie making and an online games lover. I love online games and I love movies, so I’ve decided to combine the two. I got “online game movie making” XD

I would really like to improve my skills in Movie Making and I hope to here from your feedbacks on how to improve myself in this field. Game guides would also be appreciated if you have some on the currenct game I am play. ^_^ thanks!

My first target is War of Angels

Why this game?
- I saw “War”, I saw “Angel”.
- I said “interesting”.
- I do *download*, I do *register*, I do *play*
- Simple as that XD

I want to share to all of you my adventures in the game “War of Angels”. This will be updated from time to time but in the meanwhile I got these 2 videos from the game.

I have made Mage on this game as most online games needs Healers for party, ^_^ the fastest character to get rich hehehe.

And the movie now begins.

this is me drowning whahahah

YouTube - Don't stay too long on the water

this is how you kill Urk in game

YouTube - How to kill Urk at LVL12 [Mage Class] War of Angels

thanks for watching. looking forward on your comments.

sleeptalk 02-20-2011 11:59 PM

great times with friends. ^_^ have fun watching!

YouTube - The Tubellian Captain Massacre "Life of Sleep"

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