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Default Aika Online/Aika Global

COMMENT: It saddens me to see no threads for these 2 high end games.

PROBLEM: Due to both Publishers - gPots and Hanbisoft with their over zealous pricing in their cash shops, ridiculous high priced extracts that had a 50/50 enhance/fail rate but with ridiculously low enhancement rate.

The Devs went over board releasing 5 nations within this game, would you would of think would of done well on the Global version, but all of which ended in disaster. Spreading a game over so many nations/servers is an all time, high risk developers take, spreading the gaming population thin.

Over grinding/quest less- killed it for most players, whom at level 50-51 ended up quitting. Very few players in the 2 games the reached the cap and stayed.

The game was solely dependent on its' LMs. Worse in game feature ever implemented. Little kiddie "Lord Marshall's" spamming chat with threats of Pking if you didn't join raids, or helped them acquire this or that .. sigh, lead to mass exodus of players leaving to join other nations.

First to fall was Sparta, under XIII Guild

Next and equally worse was Germania, cause by LM FckDizLyf

Lastly Persia (lead nation for the duration of the game) was introduced to a new LM "Mr God" who had the fastest mass exodus then any other nation.

Aika Online struggled severely over the last 6 months with it's failing player base since it's release.

Aika Global died 4 months after the game was released.

Great game with great promise ... died from over priced cash shop items,the gap between F2P and P2P was so grossly noticeable, that it became a killer for alot of F2P, quest-less (50+up), over grinding, low xp rewards when leveling from 50+, high repair costs on Paladins, making them rare at higher levels.

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