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Kaladbolg 09-04-2010 12:27 AM

About Luminary Online
what do you guys think about Luminary Online? I saw the screenshots of the game and the graphics looks obselete.. But the ranking itself is high and made it to the top list, what's so good about that game? I will give it a try but I think I should consult you guys first.

Any comments?

NoeJeko 09-04-2010 12:28 AM

I haven't had a chance to play it myself but I was surprised to see it so high up in the rankings myself. If you get a chance to play, do tell us how it is :)

Zeul 09-06-2010 08:31 AM

I played Luminary back when AeriaGames had a server for it. Now I'm having trouble running ijji's client because it won't patch at all and I can't play it. The game suggests downloading a newer version, but if the FileFront mirror is old, I can't imagine any other being newer.

edit before even posting: Looks like the PlayWhat download is the newest (7/6/10), so I will try downloading that, and report back later. All the other downloads appear to be v540 or 541 which doesn't help when the game is updated to v599.

edit again: Yay it's patching. But I can't use ijji REACTOR to launch it, because the REACTOR fails to realize I installed Luminary already.

edit again again: Yeah no don't listen to me.

Endgame 09-07-2010 07:20 PM

I tried it because I thought the political aspects they talked about sounded interesting.

It turned out to be a point and click game where you don't even get skills unless you invest SP into magic. You literally just click on the monster and wait for it to die, maybe using potions as needed. The game is all about farming, crafting, and selling. Prices on the market were horribly inflated, making it harsher on newer players.

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