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Alythess 07-11-2010 09:28 AM

Archlord: Episode V - Battle Ground
Good evening everyone.

I was just wondering - Is there anyone in this community who's also playing the game 'Archlord'?

Archlord is the featured game in the BenX movie if anyone has seen it. There is a new exciting 'Battle Ground' patch coming up very soon. What are your thoughts about it? Are you excited about it? Looking forward to it? If you have seen the preview page yet, you can find it here: Official Archlord Homepage

Oh and while we're on it, also leave your server and character name in this thread! Here's my info:

Name: Alythess (Lv.96)
Class: Elementalist
Server: Ugdrassil - Archon

* Ben X Movie: benX
Archlord: Official Archlord Homepage
Battleground Preview: Official Archlord Homepage

And for those who have never heard about the game, here's some quick info:

Title: Archlord
Developer: NHN Games & Webzen, Inc.
Type: Free Online Game
Genre: 3D MMORPG
Platform: PC


Set in the mystical world of Chantra, Archlord is a stunning blend of fantasy & medieval action providing a truly unique experience to Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming.

With an ever-evolving storyline of conquest and betrayal, Archlord presents an epic adventure in which players band together as they quest for the ancient relics of the Archons. Each relic bestows incredible power on those who possess it and when relics are combined, they deliver ultimate mastery over the fundamental forces of creation for there can only be one Archlord!

Archlord players are needed to choose among three unique races including Human, Orc, and Moonelf as well as 9 distinctive classes in order to enter the world of Chantra. Each of these classes will have a host of unique features that players will need to master.

The world of Chantra has been designed around five elements, fire, spirit, earth, water, and air providing many areas in Chantra with their very own distinctive look. As you move through Chantra, you will find yourself constantly drawn into to this lush and vivid environment.


One Ruler to Rule Them All!
Do you have what it takes to become the Archlord? Work with your guild as you embark on your epic voyage to be crowned. Immortalize yourself in history, leave behind your legacy and gain control over powerful monsters, epic bodyguards and wreak havoc from the skies.

Advanced PVP Systems
One of the most advanced PVP systems ever seen including full-blown castle sieges and epic guild on guild battles incorporating hundreds of players as being a part of powerful guild community with other players from all around the world.

Combination Strikes!
Take arms as you fully utilize Archlordís core advanced combat system allowing for special moves to kill a multiple number of enemies at once with breathtaking advanced combos and incredible visual effects is plus.

Ultimate Game Experience and Yet Free to Play
Bringing together all the elements that make MMOGs so enjoyable, Archlord features an abundance of lush graphics and also an incredible in-game soundtrack brilliantly scored by the London Symphony Orchestra, which includes more than 30 background sounds for Tribes, Villages, and Terrains from the world of Archlord. Gamers can download and explore all those features for free with no monthly subscriptions or any commitments. The online game challenges thousands of players to raise an army and compete to become the gameís all-ruling Archlord.

System Requirements

- Minimum: Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
- Recommended: Windows XP Service Pack 2 / Windows 2003 Service Pack 2

- Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 - 1,4 GHz
- Recommended: Intel Pentium D 915 (2,8 GHz)

- Minimum: 512 MB
- Recommended: 2GB

Video Card
- Minimum: Geforce FX / Radeon 9600
- Recommended: Geforce 6x00 / Radeon x600

Video RAM
- Minimum: 128 MB
- Recommended: 256 MB

- Minimum: DirextX 9.0c
- Recommended: DirectX 9.0c

HD (Including swap & Temp files)
- Minimum: 6 GB
- Recommended: 6GB

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