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Default The Best Browser for Web MMO

Test Targets: the top 3 browsers with the biggest market share, namely, IE, Firefox and Chrome

Test Games: We selected three popular games of different genres, the PHP-based Dragon’s Call(Dragon's Call Official Site), the Java-based Runescape(RuneScape - The Number 1 Free Multiplayer Game) and the Flash-based Evony(Evony-Free forever).

Test Procedures:
1. Test the loading speed of each game’s official site: before testing, we cleared all the history, caches and cookies of three browsers and kept all settings of them basically the same.

Test Tool: WebWait - Benchmark Your Website (it’s the most popular website loading speed test site)

Test Method: loaded the pages for consecutive five times every five seconds


2. Resource usage of each browser during gameplay

Dragon's Call:

1) Resource usage of each browser during gameplay


2. Resource usage while auto-fighting and browsing other sites (official site, facebook, twitter and google) simultaneously


Tested Runescape and Evony in the same way.



In Summary:
Firefox is fit for the PHP-based Dragon’s Call since its CPU and RAM usage in Firefox is smaller than IE and Chrome, especially during auto-fighting.
IE is fit for the Java-based Runescape.
Chrome is fit for the Flash-based Evony.

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