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Default magic world online

magic world online:

is from the first look,a classic hack and slash mmo with hours of farming to level up and getting good items,but its far from it,and trust me folks,ive seen them all.

the graphics here arent great,but who cares that much about graphics in an online game? the most important thing about online games is player to player interaction,and gm to player interaction! and this game got lots of that!

there are many events in the game,some of them are held weekly, and it really makes the game feel alive.

my favorite is the "state war" where the 2 sides of the games(empire and dynasty) fight for control on the game map, and let me tell you,it is smoking in the battlefield!!!

but enough about that,im just coming to the best thing: EVERYTHING IN MAGIC WORLD IS USEFULL!

thats right, in all my years as an mmo player ive always come across a time in the game where i dont use anything i find,but in MMO the crafting system is so well orgenized that you can use everything you find from mobs,even the level 1 ones!!!

other than that,this game is hard, but in a good way,it makes you work hard for your character and at the end you are well rewarded, in this way you feel like your the baddest guy in town!

the maps here have great variaty of monsters and such, and there are special instances only you and your team can access all over the game! so if you get tired of people bumbing in you,just go to the instance!

further more,there is a great amount of prestige in this game,if u play it right,EVERYBODY will know you,for example if you killed a really powerful boss monster,your name will run on the screen saying you killed it, or if you get a rare item from opening a special box and such.

the game has a very good character systems,with strategies that will match anyones flavor,and the skill system is very solid and varied, and the game even lets you open multiple characters,so dont hesitate to try them all!!

but you must be saying "oh man,i dont have time to sit infornt of the pc untill my char levels up!"

but have no fear! the game has a built in bot system that will let your beloved character level up even when ur minding another buisness!

so in conclusion, magic world online is a must see, and now it is new and improved with 2 new servers,many new maps and items,and alot of new events!
so come join me! Magic World Online - New Concept MMORPG - Free to Play -
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