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FOnline2 is an unknown quantity at this point
Default Fallout Online - FOnline2

FOnline2 Second Session Teaser - YouTube

Fallout Online: FOnline2 - Introduction - YouTube

FOnline 2 is a post-apocalyptic Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game - MMORPG. based on legendary Fallout1 and Fallout2 RPGs.
It's a free non-profit project using open source free engine, with no legal claims - just like any other non-profit mod like that.
Experiance the original Fallout world, roam through radiated wasteland, fight with mutants, riders and other wastelanders.
Join in the second open beta session starting at 10.01.2014!

Register on official game forum. in order to get more information - FOnline2 - Index
Download link to the client will be released at 08.01.2014 here: Client Download Link.
Join us on facebook:

War, war never changes...

From the very beginning of human history, wars were waged amongst the upstart homosapien species. The first men fought with sticks and stones over food, women and shelter. Ancient empires fought over the land, wealth and prestige. Modern states fought over economic, religious or ideological differnces. But the war itself... well, war never changes. In the 21st century wars were still waged over what was left of the planet's non-replenishable resources, mainly petroleum and uranium. A series of relatively small conflicts, led to the 23rd of October 2077, later known as The Great War. While the nuclear exchange between the world's superpowers lasted only a few hours, the consequences were catastrophic. Almost all traces of civilization on earth were extinguished with flashes of atomic blasts. Those who survived first days, later mostly succumbed to radiation, disease, famine and the ensuing social breakdown. Then, the planet Earth became quiet for a long time.

Those few who survived, were mainly two cases: the ones living in very remote areas, far from the dead, heavily irradiated cities, or the inhabitants of the underground Vaults. The future of the Wasteland was to be shaped by one particular denizen of those Vaults, known later only as the Vault Dweller. His initial quest to find a replacement for a failing water-chip, finally led him to a confrontation with the being known as Master, who was gathering an army of mutated creatures to fulfill his dream of unity between all humans. And, while the Vault Dweller managed to defeat the Master, his wounds were grievious, and so he died shortly thereafter.

Thus, while the mutant army lost its leader, the infamous Lietuant, Master's second in-command stepped in his place and took over his legacy. But, other powers are also bent on uniting the Wasteland under their banner; The Brotherhood of Steel, an military order dedicated to preservation and reclamation of lost technology, The Enclave, claiming to be the legal succesor of the United States' government, and the young New California Republic, founded by survivors from two neighbouring Vaults.

The year is 2237, 4 years before Fallout2 starts. You wake up in a tent in the desert. Your adventure begins...In this game, you can:

Join FOnline2 in the second open beta session!

In this game, you can:

-Experience the dramatic story through the main quest line and many side-quests.
-Create your own character from many balanced classes and enjoy intense PvP in fights over the control of the towns and many other occasions...
-Take part in the upcoming conflict...
-Become a member of the Enclave and participate in restoring United States' lost glory...
-Or join the Brotherhood of Steel and fight to preserve the balance in the Core Region.
-You can also avoid taking sides and be about your own business playing in a seperate, player-created faction.
-Get the profession, gather resources and craft variety of items with chance to obtain bonus statistics.
-Join one of the caravans traversing the wastes, and make a living as a caravan guard...
or earn as a trader by establishing your own shop in one of many cities.
-Hunt bandits, raiders, mutants and other foes, or kill other players and take their belongings.
-Explore the dungeons and the immense world by wandering through the irradiated deserts, old warehouses, city ruins, abandoned Vaults or and other mysterious places...
- Buy yourself a vehicle to cross the Wasteland faster and safer.
- Establish a base, and invite your friends to unite your forces.
- Play as a peaceful, law abiding citizen, or a villanous crook in a player driven city - Shady Sands, the capital of the New California Republic, run by NCR Rangers - player driven faction. But watch out, as all your actions have their consequences thanks too introduced karma system...
-Take part in exciting global events, and carefully designed, Game Master driven events.

Join the adventure today!
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