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Thumbs up Wurm online- Join a

Greetings fellow travelers, Come, Gather around the bar and share a pint, this rounds on me...

It is the year of 1033. A year that will go down in history of Wurm as one filled with much turmoil and bloodshed. On Elevation the war between the armies of the Wlers and Blers continues. In recent months the army of both Mol-Rehan and Jenn-Kellon have been repelled and broken by the Horde of the Summoned in fierce battles with many lives being lost. During this time the Chancellor of Mol-Rehan was force to abdicate leaving the people of Mol-Rehan leaderless and quarreling among themselves over who should wear the crown. Both the Eternal City of Magranon and the capital of the Jenn-Kellon have been sacked by the Horde and their respective armies crushed.

But as the world around us crumbles apart a group of warriors and rebels assembles on the tundra near the ancient ruins of LoP. With their homes in tatters and families facing grave danger they have gathered on the ancient battlegrounds as brothers and sisters ready to rebuild what has been lost in the recent year. A council has been formed and a declaration for a new kingdom has been written.

Amidst the turmoil a hope arises but indeed such action could be construed by some as a direct threat to the three ancient Kingdoms since the whispers of a great army assembling on the southern tundra of elevation are no false rumors. So whether you are a Warrior, a Merchant, Smith or a simple Farmer come join us in a new beginning and new adventures. Come and be a founding father of a new kingdom. If you want to have fun and create amazing things, join us. If you want your enemies to cower in fear at the mention of your name, join us. Many hands make light work and many swords shall slay our enemies. Is your time now? Only you choose. You make your own luck, write your own legend and become everything you've ever dreamed of.

If your interested in joining The Kingdom of Sol please send me a pm.

Joining us now will grant you the privileges of bring apart of the new kingdom at the very start.

All players are welcome. No matter what your playing style is.
The only requirements to join:
1)Must be a team player.
2) Mic for voice comms.

Visit the forums here Wurm Online Forum And drop a line to AceRifle for info on joining us!

Come try wurm, it's a great sandbox game.
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