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Default Stargate Worlds - alternative "Azulgar"

Azulgar: Beyond the Frontiers is a MMORPG that combines aspects of the sci-fi and fantasy genres. As a player, you enter a world in turmoil, with three warring factions, each devoted to a different god. At the beginning, you will be able to choose one of several races, all inspired by Slavic Mythology, which affects the whole game.

Azulgar will offer you possibility to create guilds, construct buildings, even build your own cities and more. These features are all placed within a large, seamless world, which will offer hours of content to explore, from lush forests to arid deserts and ocean shores.

Another main concept of the game is the PvP mechanism, enhanced with Player Kill (PK). PK gives you the opportunity to attack players of your own faction and to bear the consequences, as there are mounted manhunters who will chase you to the edges of the world if need be. Players with PK status can also be hunted down by other players, or they can team up to form their own PK crusade.

The combat system is designed to allow players to aim their attacks and decide on the direction of their parries and shield blocking, so it depends entirely on the player's skill, how long they'll survive. However, if you require aid, you can always hire an NPC that will follow you into battles and protect you if need be.

There are many more features Azulgar has to offer and we will be revealing them throughout the following months as development progresses, some of which include the ability to control your own vehicles. We are aiming to create a huge world that feels lived in and active and which will also be changing dynamically.
Project forum is here and facebook site about project is here.
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