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Demadrend 03-08-2013 06:06 AM

Kings And Legends - A new awesome action-CCG

I am a Games Master of an upcoming browser game so I am shamelessly plugging it!

Kings And Legends to interested communities!

Kings And Legends is, at it's core a Collectible-Card-Game but whereas the big players like Magic:TG have this traditional Deck vs. Deck battle mechanic, K&L offers a Battle-lane system, like LoL!

Summon your cards into a battle-lane and they will move along it each round and fight the enemy, aiming to reach the enemy Hero and defeat them.

Their combat prowess, movement, attack range is dependant on their base stats plus their unique abilities and any buffs or debuffs you cast on them. Fly over enemies, stab them from behind, run forward and slash before retreating, cast spells, knock them back and all sorts of other abilities make this a deeply strategic game, with fully-animated 3D Models.

It's simple to learn, but hard to master.

- K&L offers an extensive PvE campaign comprising 10 map areas
- PvP: A max of 4 vs. 4, weekly tournaments (incl. Cross-Server) with Ingame Premium Currency & Card rewards
- Co-op PvP: Team up and take on powerful NPC bosses and find loot
- Enchant, Enhance equipment, Combine Cards to supe them up
- F2P-Model, yup that's how browser games work these days. Free to play, no downloads, option to purchase Ingame currency.
- Awesome GM Support, namely....ME!

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