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ElectricCrow 10-24-2012 08:10 AM

Greed Monger - Crafting Focused MMORPG
Since the launch of Ultima Online and my first days exploring the realm of Brittania, I have yet to experience a game that gave me all of the rushes of adrenaline I had then. since playing Ultima Online I have found a great deal of success in the music business and mixed martial arts fight promotion that will now enable me to launch a valiant effort of my own and that is to capture the same essence and excitment of all the things I loved about Ultima Online in a new game called Greed Monger.

Greed Monger is a Free To Play MMORPG where every finished item in the game is crafted by players. Not a single finished item drop will be found from slaying monsters or animals, just the materials needed to craft them.

In Greed Monger, players will be able to purchase parcels of land in the game world for real money that they will be able to build 3D Non Instanced Housing on. Land Owners will also find their lands to be fruitful with various harvestable crops, resources and even monsters or animals life they will have exclusive access to, unless they chose to rent out time to players on their land in exchange for gold.

Players will be able to build large estates with house sizes growing in options with more land owned by the player and if the day ever comes that he or she would like to leave the game and sell their estate, they will be able to do so on our Estate Auction systems (we will only take a small percentage of the sale).

Greed Monger will be a game focused on how things really are with a completely player established and driven economy where everything has value to someone and the more you own, the more you're worth, the more prestigious you will become in the game.

Player cities will be created by guilds that will controll portions of a landscape for their own prosperity, selling rights to hungry adventurers wanting to harvest or hunt on their land.

There will be no global chats in Greed Monger. Over the head text will be all that we use. The reason for this is in the complete loss of sense of community in these large global chats players have begun growing more disconnected from today. Nothing beats wheeling and dealing with someone face to face.

We will be implimenting a Fast Map Travel system in the game whereby players will be able to create maps with an X marking their home or shop (stocked with products that NPC vendors will sell for them) and drop those maps around the game world for people to pick up and use. These maps will allow a user to fast travel to the location on the map from their Map Book, provided they have enough food in their pack for the journey.

We are just getting started on this adventure and I have put together the beginnings of an impressive development team that are already working on development. Soon, our Kickstarter Campaign will launch after an initial press and media push to generate interest in our labor of love and hope the niche community will support our efforts.

I just want to create the game I've longed to play for decades and plan to do just that.

Our initial website is up but soon to be completely redesigned along with the discussion forums.

Greed Monger - A Crafting focused MMORPG

If any of you are interested in our niche game, please visit our forums and let us know your ideas on how to make it even better. We are also looking for MMORPG Contributing Writers who are interested in very early access to development builds as they become available so as to help you write preview articles over the course of development.

Thank you.

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